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A Pirate’s Life

A Pirate’s Life

Based on the Dungeons & Dragons character created by Leslie Holloway

Image credit: Ship at Sea


Dusk had fallen over the ocean about a day’s journey from the nearest port. Eevil steadied her equine legs behind the helm of her captain’s ship, Fool’s Gold, and kept her hands on the wheel.

“Captain, I don’t think this is a very good idea. This new crew…” Eevil’s voice trailed off. She would never openly defy her Captain’s orders. But that did not vanquish her love for him, and her desire to keep him safe.

“You have been given your orders,” Lord Cromwell said in a stern whisper. He was known to the crew as Captain Cut Throat and would not let his first mate tarnish the reputation that came along with the name. “I agree our last crew had become our family, may they rest in peace. This is our crew now, and we must make with what we have. This mark will set us all up for some time.” He patted her human shoulder and set off down to the deck to his assembled crew.

Night approached as Eevil came upon their mark. A royal cargo vessel transporting a king’s treasury. The ship was rumored to be minimally guarded with no passengers to make room for the vast amount of riches. It was a pirate’s ticket home, but Captain Cut Throat was no mangy, murderous pirate. He would take his share, a “tax”, and vanish. No killing, burning, raping, or any other acts of unnecessary violence. This was what drew Eevil to Cromwell and his crew as an escaped centaur slave, along with running from her capturers.

But when their loyal crew had been slaughtered during a hit gone sour, it was difficult to trust any new recruits. Finding pirates to fit Lord Cromwell’s terms were not easy, and she could feel a terrible change of the wind bringing her a message of horrible news.

“Lights out! No calls, no bells!” Captain Cut Throat called out as the lanterns of the cargo ship came into view.

She watched him and his selected mates set off in rowboats quick and quiet, like shadows on the waves. She could barely make out their figures as they climbed the side of the ship. Then a deafening silence washed over the sea. She heard Lord Cromwell start to call but his voice turned to a gurgle as a blade flashed over his throat. Her body went rigid and her hooves fought to keep her upright on the rocking deck.

It was a trap. It was a set up. Her mind whirred, trying to fit everything together. The loss of the old crew, the new recruits, the rumors of this too-good-to-be-true target. It had all been planned. They were out smarted by–

“BRUTES! MANGY, FILTHY PIRATES!” Eevil yelled and charged down the deck, jumping over the stairs to land on one particularly hideous pirate. Her scimitar shimmered in the moonlight as it slashed at anything that moved.

She felt a cool edge at her neck and a drip of warmth trickle down her skin, and she froze. “Easy girl. Ain’t none of us wanna lose a prized mare,” and she heard a moist clicking of a tongue over an incomplete set of teeth and a hand felt it’s way down her black coat on her hindquarters.

“Get away from me,” Eevil growled and kicked hard with her back hoof but caught only air.

The pirates laughed and jeered, and the echoes sounding across the waves from the other vessel reminded her of the grim events. The blade pressed harder against her smoky skin and she winced. “If you’s not gon’ play nice, than how’s ’bout a deal? We send you on your merry way,” some of the pirates attempted to gruff in protest, “and we takes da ship an every fing innit?” The pirates let out roars and cheers of conquest.

Eevil was defeated. For a moment, she thought of requesting death. After all she had nothing to live for. But if she lived, she could avenge her love, take back Fool’s Gold, and watch the lives of these thieves drip from the tip of her sword. The thought burned in her with determination. She walked slowly to a rowboat, head held high, her hooves clopping softly on the wooden deck. She folded her legs into the small boat while a pirate bound her hands. Several of the more muscular pirates struggled to lower her into the dark waters.

A cool breeze kissed the small cut on her neck. Everything was about to change.


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Tipsy Scribbles: Painting a DM Screen

Painting a DM Screen


Justin and I are fans of our imagination, that is pretty obvious. We also like pushing it to the limit with Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing table top games. So far, all of our campaigns have only included ourselves. Yes, Justin would try to be the Dungeon – or game – master AND play a character at the same time. He hated it.

Now he has decided to trade in his player character to become multiple non-player characters, monsters, a world builder, and a chaos-causing puppet master. He will be a full on Dungeon Master (Game Master) and every DM needs a screen to hide their devious plans from his unsuspecting players. While he’s checking stats and creating monsters, I thought I would add something a little more pleasant to the side of the screen we get to see. A backdrop to set the stage for our adventurous band of misfits.

Now, this is nothing fancy. It is a sheet of scrap blue corrugated plastic that measures about one foot by four feet. Cardboard corrugated could be used but this is more sturdy. I would love to make a version with light wood sheets, but for now this will serve its purpose.

I used serval thin layers of white gesso to cover the glossy plastic and to hide some of the blue. My acrylic paint is on the cheap end since I don’t paint often, so acrylic craft paint would work with this.  I then looked up some inspiration photos to help with choosing a color scheme. After the paint dried, I applied a  thin coat of acrylic sealer to protect from wear and tear. *Artist Tip* Styrofoam egg cartons make great paint pallets as well as empty – and washed – prepackaged lunches, or other disposable divided trays. Then, place plastic wrap over the top and place in the refrigerator to keep the paint from drying out.

Tipsy Scribbles - A picture says a thousand words when wine loosens the tongue.
DM Screen
Tipsy Scribbles - A picture says a thousand words when wine loosens the tongue.
DM Screen Castle Silhouette


Here are some links to more artist tips for painting with acrylics:



“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” — George Bernard Shaw

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New Weekly Content Coming Soon!


My wife and I got into roleplaying more than a year ago. We started with the Beginner’s Box of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. After playing with it for a couple of weeks, which was mostly just learning the dice system and various terminologies, I ordered Edge of the Empire’s core rulebook. It arrived the morning we were leaving for our honeymoon. So, naturally, we spent our honeymoon creating our very first Player Characters (PCs).

Roleplaying Rule Books

Starting next week, we will be doing weekly posts for roleplaying content. We have posted a poll to our Twitter asking what kind of roleplaying content would be of most interest. The option for everything has quickly pulled away from the other options. So the category for roleplaying will certainly be diverse.

What to Expect:


Maps are always an interesting addition to a roleplaying session. It doesn’t matter if you scribble something out that vaguely looks like connected lines (that would be me) or if you’re lucky enough to have artistic skill. I was fortunate enough to marry someone with the ability. We have featured maps on our site in the past. And I will be trying my hand at making some maps. I apologize in advance for some of the early ones.

Wanderer's Stop Map. On canvas, 12 in. X 15.5 in. A wonderful Place to kick off your next roleplaying session.
Wanderer’s Stop Map. On canvas, 12 in. X 15.5 in.

Premade Characters

We’ll put together some ready made characters. Their abilities will be generated by rolling 4d6 and discarding the lowest. Each of the base abilities will be done in order as they appear on the character sheet. Races and classes will then be chosen based on the abilities. Then a brief backstory will be provided. If your PC has met an unfortunate end, we can get you back into the session in a hurry.

Narratives of Our Sessions

Ayda Orcbane - A Dwelf Roleplaying PC

Leslie and I have several characters that we use. Plus those of our friends and family, when we can manage to set up a session. I do my best to take notes as we play and have even started to type some of them up into narrative style for practice when writer’s block rears its ugly head. I look forward to sharing our adventures.

Homebrew Goodies

The Staff of Sáwdor - Roleplaying Homebrew Weapon
The Staff of Sáwdor

The best thing about roleplaying is pushing your imagination to new heights. Those heights often detour pretty far from the given rule sets of any game. That’s when the whole world opens up for creation. We’ve already featured an item that was created by Leslie. Homebrew creations will feature weapons, armor, items, NPCs, settings, and adventure ideas. Hopefully one of our creations can find a home in your games.




Starting September 12th, there will be a new post featuring roleplaying content every Monday! Subscribe for reminders. Any requests or recommendations are always welcome. We hope you enjoy the new content.

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