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        The development of special medical food industry requires dynamic disinfection technology and other measures

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        With the implementation of the Administrative Measures for Registration of Formula Food for Special Medical Purposes, relevant supporting documents have been released one after another, and the market of formula food for special medical Purposes in China has officially opened. In the face of the new market, overseas specialty food giants, domestic enterprises, especially pharmaceutical enterprises, are eager to take a slice of the pie. However, many enterprises even did not make clear the concept of special medical food.

        In addition to the concept is not clear, sterilization technology and production equipment behind, the process is not perfect, the quality consciousness of practitioners do not match and so on, also affect the development of the special medical food industry several major factors.

        Formula food for special medical use belongs to special dietary food. When the target population is unable to eat ordinary diet or meet their nutritional needs with daily diet, formula food for special medical purposes can be used as a nutritional supplement way to play a nutritional support role. Such foods are not medicines, cannot replace the therapeutic effects of medicines, and products must not claim to prevent or treat diseases. According to different clinical needs and applicable population, Formula food for Special Medical Use (GB 29922-2013) is divided into three categories, namely, total nutrition formula food, specific total nutrition formula food and non-total nutrition formula food.

        Teng Jiacai, deputy director general of THE State Food and Drug Administration, further stressed that special medical food is nutrition support and guarantee for special groups under specific disease conditions. It involves many kinds, components and complex processes, and its quality and safety directly affect the health and safety of target groups. As China's specialty medical food industry is in the early stage of development, there are many opportunities and great challenges. Enterprises should improve their research and development capabilities, design products that meet the needs of special groups with quality and safety, and do not play the sidelines, take shortcuts, or hype up concepts.

        At present, the application of special medical food is affected to different degrees by the lack of general nutritional knowledge of the public, the great difference in the cognition degree of clinicians to nutritional support, and the lack of advanced production technology and equipment in the industry. "Only by solving these problems can the specialty food industry develop in a sustainable and healthy way."

        Adopting dynamic disinfection machine and using advanced dynamic disinfection technology, it can effectively kill the bacteria and other microorganisms in the workshop of special medical food, avoid the secondary contamination of special medical food by microorganisms, so as to improve the quality and safety of special medical food and promote the application and development of special food.

        Dynamic disinfection technology refers to a way of disinfection in which man and machine work in the same field simultaneously: while disinfection and sterilization of the air, the staff need not leave the disinfection site, and disinfection and sterilization without any harm to the human body, this way of disinfection is called dynamic disinfection; Because it is a successful practice that human overcomes natural biology through science and technology, it is also called dynamic disinfection technology.

        Based on the principle of dynamic disinfection, an advanced NICOLER dynamic disinfection machine was developed. Its sterilization process is: through the high voltage direct current pulse, the plasma electrostatic field produces a reverse electric effect, a large number of plasma. Under the action of the negative pressure fan, the air polluted by microorganism in the workshop is pumped into the sterilizer and passed through