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        How to extend the shelf life of horseshoe cakes?

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        Horseshoe cake is China's traditional characteristics of cakes, flour, sugar, cooking oil and other raw materials from processing. The product is thick around, thin in the middle, shaped like a horse's hoof. It is characterized by crisp, loose and soft, sweet and oily, excellent in color, aroma and taste.

        The total number of bacterial colonies exceeds the standard and mouldy deterioration is the food safety problem of horseshoe cakes and other cakes, which shortens the shelf life of horseshoe cakes and other foods.

        So, how to extend the shelf life of such pastry food as horseshoe cakes?


        It is believed that there are many reasons for the mouldy deterioration of horseshoe cakes. In order to prevent mildew deterioration of horseshoe cakes, comprehensive food quality protection measures should be taken, such as the selection of qualified raw materials, scientific production technology and the application of advanced disinfection equipment.

        Dynamic disinfection machine is a kind of disinfection equipment which can be operated by man and machine in the same field. Using dynamic disinfection machine and food preservation fence technology in the production of horseshoe cakes can effectively prevent microbial pollution, avoid mildew problem of horseshoe cakes, and prolong the shelf life of pastry food such as horseshoe cakes.