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        Sterilization and disinfection are of great importance in all walks of life

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        In the field of drinking water, sterilization technology is very important. If the sterilization environment is not in place, the safety quality of drinking water will be threatened. At present, many enterprises or research teams continue to innovate and develop in the field of drinking water. For example, Qingdao Jieseng Electric Co., Ltd. has independently developed 100mW deep ULTRAVIOLET LED products, which brings infinite imagination and application space for the design of large-flow water sterilization scheme. This product can not only be used in drinking water sterilization discharge surface, but also can be used in air conditioning, air purifier and other water flow or air flow velocity of the larger equipment, and has low power consumption, green environmental protection and other multiple advantages, sterilization rate can reach 99.99% above.In addition, the research team has spared no efforts to break through the existing sterilization technology. For example, the research team led by Professor Monica Ek of The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden developed a new water filter using wood. The filter is coated with a positively charged polymer, which makes it impossible for bacteria and viruses to reproduce and sterilize the water thoroughly.

          When it comes to drinking water, there's another water that can't be done without sterilization -- beer. Sterilization is an important link in the large-scale and standardized production of beer industry in terms of both the yield and market share of cooked beer. Beer can be divided into cooked beer and draft beer according to different sterilization methods. Among them, cooked beer is made by pasteurization or instantaneous high-temperature sterilization, while draft beer does not pass such sterilization environment. Other biological methods are adopted to achieve the sterilization effect. At present, instantaneous sterilization is the preferred method of most production enterprises, which can effectively improve the shelf life of beer and kill the unique microorganisms. Without pasteurization, all kinds of hydrolases are inactive, and the color, clarity, taste and nutrition of beer are changed, and even the fresh taste of beer will be lost. Therefore, sterilization process for beer production, also has a pivotal position.

          Disinfection, pasteurization besides application go up in food itself outside, the respect in tableware is equally important. It is understood that the formal tableware disinfection enterprise disinfection set of tableware, complete a disinfection, procedures should not be less than 20, including residue, soak, machine wash, disinfection, packaging, storage, etc. Some time ago, around the supervision work of tableware disinfection of the "hot", such as xiangtan start-up of tableware disinfection of centralized first Open Day activities, on the day of publication citizens can into the tableware disinfection of centralized enterprise production workshop, can close watch slag, washing, shower, disinfection, drying, packaging and other disinfection production process, the scene to understand the status of the health, to ensure the safety of tableware. If again cheng Mai county is standard tableware disinfection enterprise, food and drug administration is in kourangfu disinfection tableware pilot "transparent workshop" project, tableware after going through first wash link, experience a fine wash link even, carry on pressure spray wash with one-time water, better guarantee tableware sanitation.

          The understanding of "clean" has been in decontamination, sterilization level. And at present, many kitchen electric enterprises have entered the field of disinfection, sterilization, the dishwasher and other products and sterilization functions combined, to create integrated multifunctional products. For example, haier launched the small shellfish dishwasher, with sterilization, sterilization integration advantages to attract the public's attention. This dishwasher can not only eliminate 99.99% escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria with continuous high temperature above 72 degrees, but also effectively kill poliomyelitis and other viruses, and its sterilization ability can reach the highest standard of disinfection cabinet industry.

          In recent years, food safety has become one of the focuses of public concern. Among them, sterilization and disinfection play an important role in the production process. Whether it is ultraviolet sterilization of drinking water, instantaneous high temperature sterilization of beer, or tableware sterilization, it reveals the importance of sterilization and disinfection. For the relevant production enterprises, sterilization equipment, technical follow-up is essential.

        Article link: China food machinery and Equipment network http://www.foodjx.com/news/detail/124610.html