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        Sterilization in the food industry

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        For food processing, sterilization is not equal to the extension of the shelf life, but to extend the shelf life must use sterilization or bacteriostatic measures. To kill bacteria means to kill a certain amount of bacteria, not all of them. This process is often called sterilization. In terms of sterilization, the sterilization rate can be 50 percent, 80 percent or 95 percent. The process of killing all the bacteria in food is called sterilization. And food safety - is a colony of the important indicators of the total number of physical and chemical indicators (bacteria), in the country's past in the process of spot check, almost all the total number of colonies overweight problem, this is the ice cream, moon cake, rice noodles, instant noodles, meat food for infants and Fried food products such as the main reason for the high fraction defective, which affect the shelf life and health hazard to diners. Is it true that there is no solution to the refractory disease of excessive bacterial count?

          Wenzhou Yirui Machinery Co., LTD., which is specialized in the research and development of food sterilization technology and the manufacture of equipment, believes that the use of advanced sterilization equipment and scientific disinfection technology can completely control the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, extend the shelf life of food, and effectively guarantee the health and safety of food.

          According to the person in charge of this company introduction, judge from current situation, cause microorganism to exceed bid reason basically to have: it is small business is in the majority, do not have economic ability to invest purify disinfection equipment, obsolete equipment cannot assure to produce qualified food. Second, the production environment is too poor, because the production environment does not meet the requirements for the production of qualified products, resulting in secondary pollution of the product, resulting in the product's microbial indicators exceed the standard. Third, food safety awareness is not strong, the staff quality, product raw materials are not enough to check, lack of food safety management system. Fourth, the production technology is low, food in the production, turnover, storage process of cross repetition, so that the frequency of food being contaminated by secondary increased. Fifth, the enterprise technicians enter into the misunderstanding of the concept of microbial sterilization, which leads to the fact that the invested purification and disinfection equipment cannot be fully utilized or the wrong microbial sterilization equipment is purchased, which is quite common. The above factors may bring microbial pollution to food. Among them, the secondary contamination of microorganisms in the air is the prime culprit causing the total number of food colonies exceeding the standard, and cooling, filling and packaging are the most serious aspects of the secondary contamination of microorganisms.

          Want to under the condition of dynamic (someone) kill workshop of microbes in the air, the first thing to remove the dust in the air, you can't continue to control the total number of bacteria and air cleanliness, at the same time should be took into account such as sugar, starch, oil content in the air, and humidity, temperature, volume, airtight degree, the nature of the product, and people/through put. Based on this, Shanghai Kangjiu environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. tailor-made dynamic air sterilization equipment for food enterprise customers, which can not only control the secondary pollution of microorganisms, but also make the workshop clean up to 300000 level above.

          Dynamic air disinfection, food machine working principle of the electrostatic field, using bipolar plasma disinfection process is: USES the high voltage dc pulse plasma electrostatic field have a reverse current effect, to generate a large number of plasma, and the negatively charged bacterial decomposition and break, again combination drug type impregnated activated carbon, static electricity grid, photocatalytic device components such as secondary sterilization filtration, after processing of clean air a large number of fast circulation flow, make the controlled environment in a "asepsis dustless" standard. In the workshop disinfection, people can work in the workshop at the same time, so, this kind of disinfection machine is called "dynamic disinfection machine". The machine is an advanced disinfection equipment, no harm to the human body, mainly used in the case of people working synchronous dynamic sterilization; In recent years, this equipment is also widely used in the processing and packaging of some large food enterprises.

          According to some food user application data show that in the 21 square meters of the inner packing or filling workshop open a food dynamic air disinfection machine 60 minutes later, the workshop air subsidence bacteria 15 cfu/dish 30 minutes or less and planktonic bacteria in the air or less 800 / cubic meter, air cleanliness level 300000 or higher, the service life of the equipment for 15 years, only 5500 yuan/units, "" work, while disinfection can be realized synchronous concept, is the true sense" sterile clean room "of low cost.

          Recently, Wenzhou Yirui Machinery Co., Ltd. will launch tube sterilization machine, for all kinds of food enterprises to provide a strong safety backing; It is reported that the company plans to take a variety of marketing measures, to more food enterprises to provide this superior performance sterilization equipment and application technology, food safety to the end.