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        On the development of Food machinery in China

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        Abstract: The development history and current situation of food machinery industry in China are summarized. The existing problems are analyzed. The solutions and measures are proposed.

        Key words: food machinery; The status quo. Problem;

        look into the distance

        1.The food industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy. Food machinery is an industry that provides equipment for the food industry. Food machinery industry in China started in the founding of new China in the early 1950 s, mainly in the 1980 s after the reform and opening to the outside world, relying on its own strength, from scratch, since the childhood, from weak to strong, from low to high, has developed rapidly, improve the self-made, has gone through a journey of nearly 60 years of glorious development. In particular, during the eighth Five-Year plan period through the introduction, digestion and absorption of their own design and manufacture of domestic and foreign advanced level of new products are hundreds of.During the eighth Five-year Plan period, the Ministry of Machinery Industry put forward six trends of industrial development, focusing on the development of six complete sets of equipment, and completed a total of 1 billion yuan of special investment in technological upgrading in five years. Founded in the mid - 1980 - s China packaging and food machinery industry association and China packaging and food machinery corporation in order to strengthen the management of the industry, expand the foreign exchange, the annual China international food processing and packaging machinery exhibition, exhibition attracted national manufacturers, strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation, both at home and abroad to promote the new product development, 75% of existing products is nearly 10 years of development. Into 2000 years later, with the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for food types and quality requirement also gradually improve, to the food machinery industry has provided a broad space for development, according to the statistic of China machinery industry federation, only in the first quarter of this year, food packaging machinery industry output value will increase 24.94%, 1 to 2 month profit totalled 359 million yuan, up 44.33% from a year earlier. Now, China's food machinery industry has formed a set of relatively complete, all kinds of industrial production system, with considerable scale and certain strength (development, innovation, design, production, etc.), to produce basically meet the needs of the people's living various, various grades of products, and is constantly strive to improve, with foreign advanced level, narrow the gap between advanced technology, advanced equipment.With the efforts of the scientific and technological personnel of the enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions in the whole industry, new products, new technologies and new achievements have been constantly emerging and transformed into productive forces. China has a large number of personnel, people to eat, food machinery products broad market, huge potential. Export volume has been rising in recent years, and the development prospect is very good. China has been able to produce more than 3,000 specifications of food machinery varieties, the annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, solve the labor practitioners more than 500,000 people, and with large scale, good efficiency and become one of the ten pillar industries of China's machinery industry.The rapid rise of the food machinery industry in our country, the development has aroused the attention of the whole society, even in a few years ago the country suffered from the financial crisis, our industry is still thriving, a busy, is the "sunrise industry", especially in recent years, with the deepening of the reform, the rapid development of socialist modernization construction and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, relying on the information and "too" entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, struggle, self-raised funds continue to innovate and develop new products, and make the world very amazing, very gratifying achievements.Food machinery production enterprises in Our country like bamboo shoots after a spring rain everywhere, got considerable development, created a new situation, opened up a new atmosphere of food machinery industry, for further prosperity, expansion and development of China's packaging industry has made due positive contributions.

        2At present, China's food machinery industry is still facing many problems: first, the scale of enterprises is relatively small, the output value and benefit are generally very low; Second, the technical content and added value of the products are low, the product variety is few, the complete set is not strong, the domestic production is not yet but urgent demand of vacant varieties up to 30% ~ 40%; Third, the product grade is not high, especially the appearance design is backward; Fourth, backward scientific research means and long new product development cycle make it unable to timely respond to market demands and provide products urgently needed by the market and users; Fifth, the technology reserve of enterprises is seriously insufficient, which affects the further development and competition of enterprises. The main energy of enterprises is spent on quantity expansion, and the investment in quality improvement and scientific and technological progress is seriously insufficient. The products are repeated at a low level, which intensifies the competition among enterprises and makes many products unsalable. Low - price competition has threatened the existence of enterprises. At present, China's food machinery products generally exist unstable quality, single performance, high cost, low technical content, such as do not work hard to change, actively develop, innovate, participate in international competition, the situation is not optimistic. The hope can cause the enterprise enough attention.

        3It is well known, measures and methods to solve the food machinery industry is the collection machine, light, electricity, magnetism, sound, the United States as one of the high-tech industry, its development needs to assemble a large number of specialized technical personnel and skilled technical workers, if not as soon as possible to train a large number of specialized technical personnel, the development of food machinery industry (high-tech) can only be empty talk. Therefore, to put food machinery up, we need to increase the financial input of government departments, through a variety of ways to select talents, increase the intensity of training scientific and technological talents, strive for early talent, more talent. On the other hand, the whole society, the whole industry and government departments should respect knowledge, make good use of talents, only use talents, constantly tap the potential of existing talents, strengthen the construction of talent training base and talent management, and provide necessary material conditions for talent training to carry out work.Therefore, we should strengthen the cultivation and management of talents, give full play to the role of existing talents, mobilize their enthusiasm, and lay a foundation for the further development of food machinery industry. In addition, some efforts can also be made in other aspects, such as the development of novel environmental protection materials, the development of new environmental protection products, so that the environmental protection technology to become a new food machinery industry market and one of the new economic growth points; According to the progress and development of The Times, we should strengthen the research on the small package of fresh fruits and vegetables, which can effectively extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and constantly cultivate and develop new economic growth points of food machinery industry, so as to further meet the people's new demands of constantly improving their lives.To strengthen the investment in scientific and technological research, do a good job in standardization, further simplify the product structure, market-oriented, actively promote standardized module design, further improve product quality, reduce product production costs, and strive to open up new markets; Go the way of joint (merger), the same type machine manufacturing enterprises to unite and realize the power-and-power union, building a new "aircraft carrier" the intangible assets (such as brand, registered trademark, the sales network, etc.) and tangible assets (such as personnel, technology, capital, equipment, production sites, etc.) in a very short period of time together,Carry on joint sale in each place, establish scientific network system, unified price, avoid disorderly competition, each other low price killing, standardize high quality service standard, strive to do a good job in after-sales maintenance service, reduce various expenses, and introduce high level management talent.