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        Yirui enterprises respond to the national call to optimize product energy conservation and emission reduction

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        In recent years, China's infrastructure has been constantly enhanced, and the corresponding resource consumption, emission of pollutants and noise generated by machinery and equipment have an increasing impact on the environment. According to the current situation, China's food machinery enterprises must seize the opportunity, accelerate the update of technology, take the road of energy conservation, environmental protection and green development, and strive to seize the opportunity for future development.

        The 12th Five-Year Plan calls for the development of energy-saving and emission-reduction technology and equipment in food processing and packaging, and the elimination of food and packaging machinery that consume a lot of energy and cause serious pollution. We will encourage the use of waste heat and energy conservation by high-power motors, encourage the comprehensive use of food processing waste and industrial emission reduction, and actively develop food and packaging machinery with low cost, good energy-saving effect and low emission. It is estimated that by 2015, China's energy consumption per unit of output value of food processing will be reduced by 15%, water consumption per unit of industrial added value will be reduced by 30%, meeting the national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the emission of major pollutants will meet the relevant national standards.

        The loss of food sterilization equipment in terms of electricity, steam and water is particularly prominent. If not controlled, energy will be wasted. In the production of food machinery, Irui enterprise has been paying attention to the design of equipment energy conservation and emission reduction, and fully optimized the product energy conservation and emission reduction.