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        Method of operation of tubular heat exchanger

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        The operation method of tube heat exchanger is as follows:

        1. Turn on the power, the pasteurizer is three-phase and four-wire, and one of the two-color wire is zero wire (please professionals to connect the wire operation, in order to prevent damage to the equipment).

        2. Turn on the power switch and SET the temperature. Press SET during setting the temperature, press the right button to adjust the number of digits to be adjusted, press up and down to SET the specific value, and press SET once after setting.

        3. Turn on the switch of the pasteurization machine, the equipment starts to heat up, automatically stops when the temperature rises to the set value, and automatically starts to work when the temperature drops during the working process.

        4. After the temperature of the high-speed emulsifying tank rises to the set value, open the mesh belt and start to operate for sterilization.

        5. The running speed of the mesh belt is adjusted by the frequency converter inside the electrical box. The knob is rotated clockwise to increase the speed, and vice versa.

        In recent years, the enterprise has been developing rapidly, the product technology content has been improved continuously, and the comprehensive strength has been enhanced continuously. I plant strong technical force, detection means complete, the factory will with its superior quality, satisfied prices, quality service, better meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad.