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        Side jet sterilization kettle - How to use effectively

        2017-03-27 focus number:

        From the nozzle arranged in the pot, continuous injection of fan - like, strip - undulating hot water is used to sterilize, heat diffusion is fast and heat transfer is uniform. The sterilization pot adopts the simulated temperature control system, and according to the requirements of different food sterilization conditions, the heating and cooling program can be set at any time, so that each food can be sterilized in the best state, so as to avoid the disadvantage of heat damage under the same way of high temperature and pressure sterilization. The pressure control system automatically adjusts the pressure in accordance with the standard mode. According to different situations, the back pressure is more positive, which is very beneficial to prevent the deformation and damage of the container < formed packaging material >. At the same time, through the analysis and inspection of t-T, P-T record curve, can effectively carry out production and quality management. Side spray sterilization kettle is specially designed for dairy products, juice, beverages or similar fluids, materials designed for primary sterilization equipment, is the material through sterilization, cooling to extend the purpose of keeping the ideal equipment. According to the different technological requirements of heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling of different materials, the combination design of the process is carried out, with various safety protection measures, automatic control of the whole process, stable and accurate control.

        By use of wavy hot water jet spray type sterilization kettle do fast food processing, because to be germicide injection of hot water, make the product surface flow of water film formation, so the thermal diffusion fast and uniform heat transfer, shorten the difference in temperature between the surface of the food and food center, avoid high temperature and high ah the characteristics of thermal damage to the big. The equipment is suitable for cooking bags, packing bags containing gas, etc. Widely used in: milk, fruit juice, beverage, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar, fluid with particles, various thick sauce, etc