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        A brief discussion on the advantages of dousing sterilization technology in the field of soft bag packaging food

        2017-03-27 focus number:

        The research of soft bag packaging (soft can) food is led by the United States, began in 1940. Now, soft bag packaging food has been able to partially replace metal and glass cans and other packaged food, soft bag packaging material thickness is small, heat transfer fast, short sterilization time, better maintain the original food color, aroma, taste; The packing material density is light, the volume is small, saves the space, the transportation is convenient; It has a long shelf life and is easy to eat, and can use the sterilization technology and equipment of metal cans, glass cans and canned food. However, the packaging material strength of soft bag packaging is low, and many enterprises produce unsatisfactory products in the secondary sterilization of high temperature cooking bag food, although the links such as people, materials and materials are strictly controlled. The soft bag damage rate is high, "over-burning" and "cold spot" are frequent, resulting in low output rate and serious waste of materials.

        Today, applied in soft bags of food secondary sterilization equipment is mainly intermittent static sterilization equipment, including "steam sterilization pot", "immersed" and "water sterilization pot". "Steam sterilization pot" is a traditional sterilization equipment, because in the process of sterilization pot air there will be a cold spot, causes uneven temperature distribution sterilization quality is not consistent, need to adopt exhaust measures, will be part of the steam to the atmosphere (accounts for about 25% of the heat source of heat), cause energy waste, noise and pollution caused by the workshop, is not conducive to the company and the development of the society. "Immersion" equipment large volume, complex operation, mainly used in meat products can sterilization.

        Drenchwater sterilization pot "is divided into" side spray "and" top spray "two, is a new generation of sterilization equipment, in the 1990s entered our country, Ningbo Ruitao sterilization equipment Co., Ltd. is the first production of" automatic drenchwater sterilization pot "enterprise. Its sterilization process is through the inside side or the top of the many nozzles, spray fog wavy hot water to the surface of food, and the heating and cooling speed is rapid, can be a comprehensive, rapid, stable sterilization of the pot products, especially suitable for high temperature cooking bag food sterilization.

        The difference between the drenching sterilization and the traditional high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization is as follows:

        It adopts "precise back-pressure control in pot" technology and "wavy hot water injection" method. Due to the soft bag packaging materials are generally sensitive to heat and cold, and easy to damage, the new type of water sterilization pot USES a unique technology and water, the pot pressure error is less than 0.01mpa, the temperature error is less than 0.3℃, so that the pot products can be completely uniform compression, heat;

        The "real-time flow accurate measurement" device is adopted. Control the spray condition in the pot at any time to ensure that the soft bag product in the pot is evenly heated to avoid "cold spots";

        The whole process of heating, heat preservation and cooling of the new type of sterilization pot is controlled by PLC intellectualized and "automatic touch screen" is the man-machine interface. Adopting multi-stage heating and cooling process can reduce the temperature difference between the soft bag food surface and the center. The lifting temperature can reach 16 sections, which is more than 2 times of the ordinary sterilization pot in China. All parameters can be easily input by the PLC touch screen, and 30 groups of sterilization parameters can be stored in advance. When changing the material varieties, only the relevant sterilization parameters can be called out;

        Measurement of heat distribution. Before each sterilizing pot leaves the factory, the heat distribution shall be measured strictly, and the temperature error shall be strictly controlled within 0.5℃, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of each bag of products in the sterilization process.

        Cooling water is separated from germicidal water. During cooling, the circulating water that has been pasteurized will not cause secondary pollution to the flexible packaging bag, and the cooling water will not be polluted by the material grease attached to the surface of the flexible packaging bag. At the same time, it can recycle and save water, greatly reducing the production cost.

        High degree of automation. When the sterilization basket containing products is pushed into the sterilization pot, as long as you press the start button, the entire sterilization process, temperature, constant temperature sterilization, pressure, decompression, cooling automatic completion.