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        Sticking to food safety needs is fundamental to the development of dynamic sterilizers - a revelation that the British prime minister was left out in the cold

        2017-03-27 focus number:

        Dynamic sterilizer is a kind of food sterilization equipment with superior performance. It can effectively sterilize, prevent the contamination of food by microorganism and extend the shelf life of food. It has been used in many kinds of food production. However, new food products and new food technology are constantly emerging, and the original sterilization technology and sterilization mode cannot meet the new food safety requirements.

        Dynamic sterilization equipment enterprises only fully research the market, close to the food safety needs, can develop a better new efficient dynamic sterilization machine, can obtain more market share; Only in this way can food safety be better guaranteed.

        According to media reports, on December 15, 2016, leaders of eu member states gathered in Brussels for the eu summit. Britain, which has voted to leave the European Union but is still going through the process, is also attending the summit. The prime Minister Theresa May suffered an embarrassing moment at the summit.

        Using dynamic sterilization technology and dynamic sterilization machine, can effectively improve the air quality of food workshop, prevent microbial contamination of food, so as to improve food safety quality.

        NICOLER sterilization technology refers to a method of sterilization in which man-machine operation can be carried out in the same field simultaneously. During air sterilization, workers do not need to leave, which is harmless to human health. Such sterilization method is also known as dynamic sterilization technology. Domestic food sterilization technology research and development institutions use dynamic sterilization technology, has successfully developed the "food dynamic sterilization machine." The clean air processed by the dynamic sterilizer circulates rapidly in the food workshop, which can effectively improve the cleanliness of the food workshop and prevent the secondary contamination of food by bacteria, so as to avoid the problem of food microorganisms exceeding the standard and extend the shelf life of food.

        Dynamic sterilizer has been developed successfully many years ago, and has been numerous in Our country