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        CIP cleaning system of glass bottle juice beverage production line is introduced in detail

        2017-03-27 focus number:

        CIP is short for CleaninPlace (washing Location) or in-placecleaning (washing location). It is defined as: no need to disassemble or move the device, can use high temperature, high concentration of detergent to the device to exert a strong effect, the contact surface with food cleaning method.

        Therefore, CIP is used for scrubbing, cleaning and sterilization without disassembly of mechanical devices and pipelines. In the cleaning process, the relationship between washing, cleaning, sterilization and economy and energy saving can be reasonably handled, which is a kind of optimization cleaning management technology. CIP device is suitable for multi-pipe sterilizing mechanical device with direct contact of fluid material, such as juice beverage, dairy product, concentrated juice and soybean milk. It is a commonly used method in beverage production plant (namely CIP cleaning), which guarantees product quality. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the residue on the equipment and pipe wall to ensure that the hygienic target is met. Under normal circumstances, a continuous use of 6 ~ 8h must be cleaned once. Under special circumstances, when a significant reduction in production capacity is found, cleaning should be carried out immediately.

        The purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt that sticks to the machinery to prevent microorganisms from growing in it. To remove dirt, the cleaning system must be able to provide the cleaning capacity needed to overcome the contaminant. There are three sources of cleaning power, namely, the motion energy generated from the flow of the cleaning fluid, the chemical energy generated from the detergent, and the heat energy in the cleaning fluid. These three abilities complement each other. At the same time, the ability factor is related to the time factor. In the same state, the longer the washing time, the better the washing effect.

        The CIP production line for glass glass juice drinks has the following advantages:

        (1) Maintain a certain cleaning effect to improve the safety of the product;