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        Precautions for sterilization pot operation

        2018-04-20 focus number:

        I have been debugging the sterilizing kettle equipment for more than 20 years, and I have trained a lot of operators in debugging. Operators not only need to obtain the operating license for characteristic equipment, but also need to have a detailed understanding of the operating equipment. Special equipment main features, operation method. The equipment must be checked before the operation of steam, compressed air, cooling water supply equipment is normal, can not blindly just start up. Although the current sterilization pot tends to automatic control, especially the development of irui equipment also has a working condition intelligent detection system, but in the operation of the equipment. We would still advise employees not to leave the equipment for long periods of time, just in case. Be sure to observe whether the temperature and pressure of the equipment are within the normal range during operation. Whether the motor valve is working normally. It is also necessary to observe the normal supply of steam, compressed air and cooling water at all times. It is also recommended to learn how to operate manually.