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        The difference between steam sandwich boiler and electric heating sandwich boiler and gas sandwich boiler

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        Steam sandwich pot: The equipment used to heat a sandwich pot is the steam produced by the boiler. This heating method is usually called steam sandwich pot.

        Electric heating sandwich pot: it is through the electric heat pipe heating heat conduction oil to carry on the heating is called electric heating sandwich pot.

        Gas sandwich pot: manually open the gas valve, ignite the gas, add the cooking oil, and when the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, add the right amount of materials, turn the pot and stir manually, so that the materials are evenly heated in the pot. After finishing the material processing, turn off the gas and turn off the fire, turn the handle, make the pot body rotate and tilt through worm wheel and worm transmission device, and pour the material into another container.

        The advantages and disadvantages:

        Steam sandwich pot: Steam heating speed is fast, the first pot of room temperature water to boil steam for about half an hour, but to have an independent medium pressure

        Steam system (supporting the corresponding boiler), high cost, the advantage is fast heating speed; Boilers of different specifications are as follows:

        Electric heat conduction oil sandwich pot: the advantage is economical, but the heating speed is slow, and the heating temperature can reach more than 260 degrees.

        Gas heated sandwich pan:

        1, full combustion, smokeless and dust-free, a small amount of carbon, no environmental pollution.

        2, the flame temperature is adjusted at will, the highest temperature up to 300℃ or so.

        3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation.

        4, strong energy saving, fierce fire, thermal efficiency than similar products by about 25%.

        5. Fuel: LIQUEFIED petroleum gas, pipeline gas, natural gas, and oil is strictly prohibited.

        6. Gas consumption: about 20% lower than similar products.