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        Daily use process and maintenance requirements of batching tank

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        一、Inspection preparation

        1. Inching the stirring motor, check for abnormal sound and oil leakage.

        2. Check whether the valve is closed tightly and check the sealing system to prevent oil leakage.

        3, check whether the electrical appliances are in good condition, there is no leakage phenomenon.

        4. Check whether the safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer and vacuum gauge are in good condition.

        二、Operating steps

        1. Open the vacuum valve. When the vacuum degree reaches -0.04mpa, open the inlet valve and pump the pre-treated liquid according to the vacuum process.

        2. Open the inlet valve, pump the purified water to the technological requirements, open the exhaust valve and break the vacuum.

        3. Turn on the main power switch and switch on the stirring motor for mixing. At this point, open the hand hole to input solid powder. Add, close, and continue to stir.

        4. When the liquid medicine needs heating, open the jacket steam valve and open the steam trap at the same time, the pressure is controlled below 0.10mpa, close the steam valve when not in use, and then close the steam trap.

        5. When the liquid is cooled, open the inlet valve and outlet valve at the bottom of the jacket for cooling, close the inlet valve and outlet valve when it is not needed, and clean them in time after use.

        6. Pay attention to the pressure of the pressure gauge to keep it at 0.1mpa and close the steam valve to meet the heating requirements.

        7. After mixing, turn off the motor switch, turn off the main power brake and open the feed valve for feeding.


        1. Frequently check the air tightness of weld, pipeline, liquid level gauge, valve and manhole.

        2. Check the sensitivity of thermometer and pressure gauge frequently.

        3. Check whether the safety valve is sensitive and whether the trap is unblocked.

        4. The overhaul period is one year. When the rolling bearings of all transmission parts need to be replaced during overhaul, they should be replaced in time.


        1. If the equipment fails in operation, the remaining steam in the tank shall be drained out, and no pressure maintenance shall be carried out.

        2. Prevent liquid from splashing on the motor during maintenance.

        3. Clean the equipment after use.