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        Description of the technology of the purified water production line

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        This equipment plant pretreatment process is mainly used to improve the inlet water quality, can effectively reduce the pollution of membrane elements, prolong the service life, pretreatment is mainly to the inlet microorganism, bacteria, colloid, organic matter, heavy metal ions, solid particles and free chlorine impurities to remove. It can meet the water inlet requirement of reverse osmosis device and ensure the long-term stable operation of reverse osmosis membrane system.

        Quartz sand filter: Large scale pure water purification equipment Quartz sand filter is mainly to remove suspended matter, colloid, silt, clay, saprophyte, particulate and other impurities in water, reduce the turbidity of water, water purification plant equipment to achieve the purpose of water quality clarification, protection of reverse osmosis membrane.

        Activated carbon filter is mainly used on the surface of activated carbon with a large number of hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups, which can be used for chemical adsorption of various properties of substances to remove the peculiar smell of water, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine, while reducing the color, turbidity of water, reduce the pollution of reverse osmosis.

        Automatic softening device: use the sodium ion on the ion exchange resin to exchange calcium and magnesium ion in water, reduce the hardness of the water, and use salt to regenerate the ion exchange resin.

        Cleaning and sterilizing equipment

        1, ozone sterilization machine

        Ozone sterilization is widely used in the production of pure water. It can prevent the stagnant water in the pipeline and the wall of the container from breeding bacteria, which will affect the water quality. Therefore, the addition of ozone in the water will prevent the breeding of microorganisms.

        2. CIP cleaning device

        When the reverse osmosis membrane element is used for a long time, it will inevitably lead to certain pollution, such as inorganic scale and blockage, bacterial and microbial reproduction. This system is mainly used to clean the reverse osmosis components and restore their normal working capacity.

        In order to ensure the normal operation of the pure water purification equipment system and extend the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane elements, the system shall be cleaned to remove calcium carbonate scale, metal oxide scale in water, biological growth (bacteria, fungi, mold, etc.) and other substances after the reverse osmosis system operates for a period of time.

        Pure water tank: After the product water of the ion exchanger enters the pure water tank, it passes through the pure water tank pipe to each water point. In order to meet the GMP verification requirements, the pure water tank is equipped with an air breathing apparatus, which is designed to prevent the dust and microorganisms that are not brought into the air when the air enters and leaves the water level, so as to ensure the pure water is not polluted. Another spherical spraying device, and the use of liquid medicine to clean the inside of the pure water tank.

        System process characteristics are introduced

        1. The main parts of the system are imported parts with strong stability.

        2. The reverse osmosis concentrated water part is used for pretreatment and backwashing, which meets the water-saving requirements.

        3. The selected ultra-low pressure anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane has the characteristics of low pressure, high flux, high desalination rate and pollution resistance.

        4. The purified water production line equipment adopts efficient pretreatment system, which ensures the biological stability of reverse osmosis inlet water and slows down the subsequent pollution of reverse osmosis membrane. At the same time, the pretreatment equipment can carry out backwash regeneration, which ensures the operation stability of the pretreatment system.