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        Brief analysis of safety management and control of grain machinery and equipment

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        一、Problems and current situation of mechanical equipment safety management   

        For a long time, grain storage enterprises focus on the management of grain storage, believing that as long as the food storage safety is to complete the work, ignoring the safety management of machinery and equipment. Although the safety management of machinery and equipment has been greatly improved in recent years through the standardization and refinement of grain storage management activities, there are still some problems, especially after the transformation of grain enterprises, there is no warehouse station to undertake the task of grain storage, and the safety management of machinery and equipment is particularly prominent. First, the variety of grain machinery and equipment, equipment obsolete, high frequency of use, seasonal strong (especially in the acquisition and warehousing period), machinery and equipment safety management work is not comprehensive. Second, some equipment mobile operation is frequent, large amount of work, coupled with professional and technical force, personnel strength is weak, mechanical equipment management level is low, management is not in place, the management situation is not optimistic. These problems are grain storage enterprises more or less exist, in the long run will give the safety of machinery and equipment hidden dangers, in the use of the process is extremely prone to safety accidents. In particular, during the peak period of grain purchasing and grain warehousing in winter and spring each year, casualties and equipment damages caused by grain machinery and equipment often occur, causing losses to personal safety and state property. At present, there are still many problems in the management of grain storage enterprises' machinery and equipment, and the safety management of grain machinery and equipment cannot be ignored. Correct analysis and solution of problems and contradictions in safety management can effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprises, which is also of great significance to the healthy development of enterprises.

        二、Safety management and control of mechanical equipment    

        The establishment and improvement of rules and regulations and measures for safety management and scientific management are the premise to ensure the safety of grain machinery. Only a standardized and sound, practical and effective safety management system and measures can ensure that grain machinery and equipment are always in a good state and improve production efficiency.