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        Basic requirements for food machinery equipment selection

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        In the process of the construction of food processing plant, the quality of equipment selection is an important symbol of the technical content of the proposed plant. It is an important task for the construction of food processing plant to formulate advanced, applicable and reasonable equipment selection methods. At present, there is no unified equipment selection standard in China's food processing industry, and equipment selection is generally carried out by referring to the design. Equipment selection is often backward, equipment is not matching and other defects, which seriously restricts the construction level of some food processing plants. Therefore, on the basis of extensive investigation and study and drawing on the advanced experience at home and abroad, the basic requirements for the selection of food machinery equipment are put forward.


          Food processing purpose and equipment selection characteristics


          The purpose of food processing is to maintain the original quality characteristics of food, improve and enhance the quality characteristics of food, change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food, meet people's different needs, improve the utilization value and economic value of food, develop and produce new products and realize value-added through food processing or deep processing.


          Equipment selection characteristics: the working parts and technical parameters of the equipment should adapt to the biological characteristics of the processed products, and meet the processing requirements of the final products; Strictly control the damage and quality degradation of raw materials and final products during processing; If the final product is food or processing equipment of food raw materials, the final product shall be contaminated by machinery or other materials, so as to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of food hygiene; In order to avoid environmental pollution caused by emissions (slag, grains, slurry, liquid and gas, etc.) in the process of food processing, treatment equipment should be provided for the polluted emissions to make them meet the emission requirements; For foods containing a variety of nutritional or medicinal ingredients, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of nutritional or medicinal ingredients by processing equipment; We should attach importance to the comprehensive development of by-products and offal, make full use of resources and improve economic benefits.


          Main basis of equipment selection


          In line with the relevant national industrial policies and standards: priority should be given to the selection and adoption of food machinery and equipment that is currently encouraged to be developed by the state, and priority should be given to the selection and adoption of equipment with appropriate scale, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, safety and health, less environmental pollution and high resource utilization efficiency; The selection and use of food machinery and equipment that are currently restricted or eliminated by state regulations shall be prohibited, with the focus on the selection and use of equipment that violates state laws and regulations, has backward production methods, inferior product quality, causes serious environmental pollution, consumes high raw materials and energy consumption, substitutes for existing advanced and mature technologies, and seriously endangers production safety; Try to choose and adopt advanced standard equipment and finalize the design product, first choose mainly with international standards and advanced foreign standards and equivalent international standard device, and then choose to have the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards of equipment, equipment design, manufacture, installation, testing and other technical conditions, best can by existing basic standards, methods, standards and safety standards constraints, to facilitate the use of equipment performance and product quality.