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        The difference between emulsifier and colloid mill

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        High shear dispersion emulsification means the efficient, rapid and uniform transfer of one or more phases (liquid, solid, gas)

        The process of entering a separate continuous phase (usually a liquid). In general, the phases are insoluble.

        When external energy is input, the two materials are recombined into homogeneous phase. Due to their high rotor generated by high speed rotating tangential velocity and high frequency mechanical effect, the strong momentum of the material in the narrow gap, rotor by strong mechanical and hydraulic shear centrifugal extrusion, the liquid layer combination, such as friction, impact tear and turbulence (solid/liquid) to form suspension, emulsion (liquid/liquid and bubbles (gas/liquid). So that the insoluble solid, liquid and gas phase in the corresponding mature process and the appropriate amount of additives under the joint action, instant uniform fine dispersion emulsification, through high-frequency cycle, and finally get stable high-quality products.

        The colloid mill is made by the motor to move the gear (or called the rotor) through the belt transmission belt and the matching fixed gear (or called the stator) to make the opposite high-speed rotation, the processed material through its own weight or external pressure (can be generated by the pump) pressure to produce downward spiral impact force, through the fixed and rotating gear

        The clearance (adjustable clearance) is subject to strong shear force, friction force, high-frequency vibration and other physical action, so that the material is effectively emulsified, dispersed and crushed, to achieve the material ultrafinth crushing and emulsifying effect. From the principle, they have grinding and grinding, the refinement of the colloid mill is generally weaker than the emulsifier, but it is strong adaptability to the material (such as high viscosity, large particles), their material flow more easily downstream, so in many cases, it is used in the homogenizer front or used in high viscosity.

        Colloidal mill is often used to refine more solid substances. But the specific situation according to the material and decide, if is fine grinding, the proposal USES colloid mill, such as more than 100 um, can mill, if the original itself material particles smaller, generally USES the emulsion, such as 1-20 um itself, can grind fine solids is higher, if material recommended colloid mill, such as peanut butter bai titanium powder, white carbon black and other functions.