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        New high shear emulsifier technology

        2017-07-24 focus number:

        Current scattered high shear emulsifying machine is the main structure of the stator and the rotor system, the structure form has updated, now from the blade structure to claw type structure, from the single shear to multilayer dual bite shear, from single chip realize two-way absorption material absorption, a phase or multiple phase will be highly effective, fast, evenly distributed to another in a continuous phase; In each phase is normally not miscibility, owing to the high rotor generated by high speed rotating tangential velocity and high frequency mechanical effect, the strong momentum of the material in the narrow gap, rotor by strong mechanical and hydraulic shear layer, centrifugal extrusion, liquid friction, tear and turbulent combination of impact, so that the miscibility of the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase in the corresponding mature technology and a moderate amount of additives, under the joint action of uniform fine dispersed emulsion, a fraction of a second after high frequency cycles, end up with a relatively stable high quality products.    

        So almost all of the process (including food, dairy, chemical industry, petroleum, asphalt, etc) cannot leave the multiphase materials mixing, emulsifying, crushing, dispersion and dissolution process, the traditional mixing or shearing emulsification technique in terms of efficiency and effectiveness because of the lack of grinding the key technology and therefore the following obvious deficiencies:  

        1. The mixture of liquid and liquid phase and liquid and solid phase usually has a high viscosity. To ensure the normal operation of the stator, its relative clearance cannot be lower than 50um, so the fineness of the material after shear emulsification cannot be guaranteed.

        2. Due to the limitations of the stator structure of the ordinary high shear emulsifier, not only the fineness of the emulsion can not be guaranteed, but also the emulsion formed after the shear is easy to demulsify, unable to form a relatively stable molecular structure of the emulsion, easy to precipitation, easy segregation. Now there is a new type of high shear adhesive (cone) grinding is scattered by the high shear emulsifying machine and glue (cone) crushing grinding the new high-tech patent product of combining it with strong production capacity and the advanced performance of transcendence, implements the crushing, milling, scattering, emulsion, homogeneous, transportation as one of the multi-function equipment, fundamentally solves the common high shear emulsifying machine cannot solve the technical problem, is currently the world advanced equipment.

        3. Due to the limitations of domestic processing technology, it is difficult to ensure the concentricity or coaxiality of the high shear emulsifier, and the rotating and stator operation is easy to get stuck and grind, so it cannot operate normally.