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        Sterilization kettle (sterilization pot) automatic door officially put into the market

        2018-04-18 focus number:

        Now most of the market or use the traditional hand to turn the pot door flange between the teeth to turn open, in the actual operation found that the sterilization of the pot door is not easy to open, the general small force is not open the pot door. Some manufacturers encounter because of operation especially hard sterilization operation post is particularly difficult to recruit staff. Although there are also manufacturers in the market to produce automatic doors, but the single cost of high equipment prices are also high, and increased the cost of maintenance. And Irui machinery after a long time in the actual debugging and users of the continuous communication, between the two to find the right point, this year officially developed the automatic turning-door mechanism, without the cost of equipment. To the user to bring more simple operation. Old equipment that is already in use can also be simply modified. Yirui has always been user-centered, everything from the production workshop operator comments and Suggestions as the starting point, I believe that Yirui sterilization pot will be more popular and recognized by the market.