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        Group meeting

        2017-06-27 focus number:

        Talent is vital to the development of an enterprise. The value of talents is closely related to their personal management level, knowledge and skill level, and comprehensive quality. Among them, enterprise internal training can not only promote the theoretical level of employees, but also can be well combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, is one of the fast channels for the growth of enterprise employees.

        This exchange is a brief exchange of information technology based on the updated knowledge of some products of the company. Its main purpose is to let the staff know the performance of the product in a timely manner, after the improvement of the function, its characteristics and matters needing attention. In order to better communicate with users and to better introduce the company's products to users.

        Through this exchange, participants had a better understanding of the company's products and timely feedback of customers' requirements, so as to develop more energy saving and environmental protection products that better meet the needs of users. In theory, a preliminary understanding of the future work will be of great help.

        For more information, please follow the WeChat qr code: