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        Single layer stainless steel mixing tank

        pro description:


        Single-layer mixing tank configuration:

        Quick-opening manhole

        Various forms of CIP cleaner are available

        Sanitary air cover for flies and insects

        Adjustable triangular leg

        Removable feed pipe fitting

        Thermometers are available on request

        Optional climbing ladder configuration

        Slurry agitator

        Liquid level and liquid level controller are optional

        The vortex board

        Our services

        1. Provide equipment inspector certificate and operation manual to ensure the installation and use of users.

        2. After the equipment arrives at the destination, the company will send engineers to the site to guide installation, debugging and customer training until it is satisfied.

        3. Free replacement of parts within the warranty period, and charges for costs outside the warranty period.

        4. Our company provides lifetime maintenance service, including sending engineers to customers when necessary.

        Company strength

        [Yirui workshop]


        [Yirui team capacity]


        [Yirui case]


        Choice Yirui

        1. Company was founded in 1999, focusing on machinery for 20 years.

        2. On-site factory directly docking customers, welcome to visit the factory.

        3. Company has the technical department, the engineering department, own has the research and development ability.

        4. Company real-time tracking equipment after-sales situation, service to customers.

        5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

        Contact us

        • Phone: 13819729099
        • Tel: 0577-85857000
        • Fax: 0577-85857000
        • Email: 620107085@QQ.COM
        • Address: No. 678A, Between 8th road and 9th Road, Binhai Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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