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        Coil sterilizer equipment

        pro description:



        Coiled tube type ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT), also known as ultra-high temperature coil sterilization machine, 115-135℃, 4~6 seconds; Suitable for liquid material sterilization, that is, before packaging sterilization (sterilization).

        Coil type ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) is suitable for fresh milk, fruit juice, beverage, pop-ice, and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soybean milk, condensed milk, wine and other liquid materials instantaneous sterilization, also can be used for liquid materials sterilization.

        Characteristics of coil - type ultra - high temperature instantaneous sterilizer

        1. Continuous production with very short sterilization time;

        2. High quality products can be obtained due to short heating time;

        3. Due to the adoption of ultra-high temperature sterilization, the sterilization effect is particularly good;

        4. It is used in series with centrifugal pump or high-pressure homogenizer, which has a wide application range and is suitable for sterilization of high-viscosity materials;

        5. Because the heat exchanger with hot and cold materials is designed to have the economic effect of waste heat utilization, the steam consumption is small;

        6. The heating mode can be customized for steam or electric heating

        7. Output: 500L/ h-6000L /H can be customized

        Company strength

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        Choice Yirui

        1. Company was founded in 1999, focusing on machinery for 20 years.

        2. On-site factory directly docking customers, welcome to visit the factory.

        3. Company has the technical department, the engineering department, own has the research and development ability.

        4. Company real-time tracking equipment after-sales situation, service to customers.

        5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

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