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        It is located in the golden area of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Industrial Development Zone -- the coast of the East China Sea, close to Wenzhou Longwan Airport, with convenient transportation and complete functional supporting facilities.

        Is a collection of scientific research, development, manufacturing, production, professional after-sales service as one of the enterprises. With years of rich experience and expertise, to meet the changing market needs. We have a strong capital and a group of well-trained, theoretical background based, practical experience of the backbone of the elite team, really serve every user, dedicated to provide customers with advanced, safe, reliable, satisfactory products.

        yirui machinery adopts "open" management philosophy theory and modern management system, and has received a group of elites with rich experience and professional technology. In the process of development, we work hard and make great efforts to make our company unique in the same industry, which has been unanimously recognized by the majority of users. The company has also been awarded honorary titles such as "Wenzhou Science and Technology (innovation) enterprise" and "Science and Technology Enterprise" by government departments successively. It was also awarded the special title of "Excellent Strategic partner" by the partners.

        We specialize in manufacturing food sterilization pot equipment: lateral jet type sterilization pot, double sterilization pot sterilization kettle, water bath type sterilization pot, steam sterilization pot, vertical experimental sterilization machine and so on, the yi rui machinery and the unit's business scope covers dairy beverage pre-treatment equipment, and "turnkey" large and medium-sized project engineering, industrial automation control system programming and to provide design services.

        Covering food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. Main products include food sterilization equipment (sterilization kettle, UHT sterilization machine), stainless steel tank (precipitation tank, extraction tank, stirring tank, emulsifying tank, fermentation tank) and so on.

        Address: No. 678A, 2 Road, Binhai Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


        Tel: 0577-85857000

        Fax: 0577-85857000

        E-mail: 620107085@qq.com

        QQ: 620107085