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        Beverage diversified demand drives beverage machinery to constantly usher in new development

        2017-10-27 focus number:

        Tea drinks drive the development of hot filled PET bottles

        PET PET soft drink bottle has only developed for more than 10 years in China, while hot-filled PET soft drink bottle has a shorter history in China, only about 4 years, but it has a strong development momentum, which is more than most other packaging containers. The rapid development is mainly attributed to the rapid development of tea drinks. As we all know, tea drinks and fruit juice drinks are the hot spot of beverage development. In China, the output of tea drinks in 2000 has exceeded 1.5 million tons. Most of the packaging containers are PET hot filled bottles, and the proportion is growing.

        The aseptic filling revolution: Instant filling

        Bottled products that are sensitive to microbes, such as tea, juice, liquors, dairy products, sauces, vegetables, and flavorings, pose a challenge to traditional bottling techniques because possible microbes can cause bacteria and mold to grow, which can damage the color and taste of products. The traditional way to solve this problem is to use hot filling, but hot filling technology has many disadvantages, such as high container cost, loss of flavor due to prolonged exposure to high temperature, and high energy consumption.


        Beverage mixer ownership and total sales are low

        The blender can be called a small soda processing plant, it only needs qualified water, power and carbon dioxide plus configured syrup, can be concocted on the spot high quality carbonated drinks. As the largest component of ready-to-drink market families, instant mixer is now very common in the world. Beverage giants such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been widely used for a long time, while McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and other global chain fast food restaurants are essential basic configuration. Compared with the general packaged drinks, blended drinks have incomparable characteristics and advantages. The beverage concocted by the blender only needs to use the paper cup as the container, which is easy to be degraded. For the human being who is increasingly threatened by environmental pollution, the beverage concocted by the blender is a choice with great modern benefits and lasting benefits.

        Aseptic filling of PET bottled drinks is promising

        As the packaging of food, its main requirements are easy to store and transport, reduce the original performance loss, do not bring additional damage, increase sensory enjoyment, reasonable price. At present, the main ways of liquid food packaging are: ordinary packaging, secondary sterilization packaging including canned, bottled and bagged, hot filling, vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, radiation sterilization packaging and aseptic packaging. Aseptic packaging of liquid food is a new technology developed in recent years. It develops rapidly due to its obvious advantages.


        Domestic beverage industry market is developed after the reform and opening up slowly emerging industries, beverage machinery and equipment updates are also driving the development of the beverage food industry changes, from the beverage industry in China from scratch, since the childhood, from foundation to scale has gradually become the social market must be one of the important industrial food, and presents the four big development. The development of beverage industry also promotes the development of national economy in a comprehensive way, and has made due contributions to improving the living standard of socialist people. It is believed that the beverage machinery market will also have a new development in the market environment with diversified beverage demands