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        Where is the heat sterilization pot equipment good?

        2020-06-23 focus number:

        Where is the heat sterilization pot equipment good? By heating the water in the hot water tank to the temperature needed for sterilization in advance, the sterilization time was shortened and the working efficiency was improved.

        Energy saving for sterilization: the working medium used in sterilization process can be recycled, thus saving power, time, labor cost, material resources and reducing production cost.


        During the disinfection process, hot water circulation and immersion disinfection are used to continuously switch the circulating water in the disinfection tank up, down, left and right to reliably heat, heat and cool the disinfection tank. Random distributed evenly, effectively eliminate the dead corner phenomenon in the sterilization process, make the product more stable and lasting. The temperature in the sterilization pot is stable in the sterilization process, thus ensuring the qualified rate of F value.

        Active control system: the whole sterilization process is controlled by computer PLC and can be completed immediately without manual work. Select the chart input board and use the screen to control the contacts. All time periods are controlled by analog sensors and active valves that can switch from a single sterilization process to a multiphase sterilization process.