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        Sterilization pot composition structure and equipment characteristics

        2019-08-31 focus number:

        Sterilization pot is composed of pot body, pot cover, opening device, locking wedge, safety interlock device, track, sterilization basket, steam nozzle and several pipe orifices. Inflatable silicone rubber temperature-resistant sealing ring is used for pot cover sealing, which ensures reliable sealing and long service life.

        Sterilization pot equipment features: a small amount of process water quickly circulation, quickly reach the predetermined sterilization temperature. Reduce steam consumption, steam, atomized sterilization water in the sterilization pot directly for hot mixing, improve the speed of heating and cooling. Low noise, create a quiet and comfortable working environment


        Water spray type sterilization: this way is to use the nozzle or spray pipe hot water spray to the food, sterilization process is through installed on the top of the sterilization pot or on both sides of the nozzle, spraying a mist waves of hot water to the surface of food, so not only the temperature even no dead Angle, and the rapid rate of warming and cooling, to comprehensive, rapid and stable for the pan sterilization products, particularly suitable for flexible packaging of food sterilization.