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        Semi-automatic CIP cleaning system with three tanks and one circuit

        pro description:



        CIP cleaning system (CLEAN IN situ cleaning IN PLACE) is not decompose production equipment, and simple operation safety automatic cleaning system are available, and it is widely used IN dairy, beverage factory, food factory, and pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it overcomes the drawback of original disassembly cleaning, is to improve the reliable guarantee of product quality, and reduce the material consumption.

        CIP cleaning device has the following advantages:

        1. Able to rationalize production plan and improve production capacity.

        2. Compared with hand washing, the cleaning effect is not affected by the difference of operators, and the product quality is also improved.

        3. It can prevent the danger in cleaning operation and save labor.

        4. Can save cleaning agent, steam, water and production costs.

        5. It can increase the service life of machine parts.

        6. Full automatic control is easy to operate.

        Take the beverage industry as an example, its cleaning procedures are as follows:

        1. Wash hot water at room temperature or above 60℃ for 3-5 minutes; Alkaline wash for 10 -- 20 minutes, 1% -- 2% solution, 60℃ -- 80℃; Wash water below 60℃ for 5-10 minutes in the middle; Wash for 3-5 minutes and rinse with water.

        2. Wash hot water at room temperature or above 60℃ for 3-5 minutes; Alkaline washing 5-10 minutes, 1% - 2% solution, 60℃ - 80℃, intermediate washing 5-10 minutes, 60℃ below the water, sterilization 10-20 minutes, 90℃ above the hot water.

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        1. Company was founded in 1999, focusing on machinery for 20 years.

        2. On-site factory directly docking customers, welcome to visit the factory.

        3. Company has the technical department, the engineering department, own has the research and development ability.

        4. Company real-time tracking equipment after-sales situation, service to customers.

        5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

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