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        Double spray sterilizing pan

        pro description:




        In simple terms, a sterilizing pot is a closed, pressurized heater used to heat food sealed in a container and a variety of sterilizing pot systems can be used for sealed packaging of commercially sterile food in containers. The sterilization pot system has some of the same characteristics


        The equipment is composed of pot body, pot cover, opening device, locking module, safety interlock device, track, sterilizing frame, steam nozzle and several pipe mouth, etc. Inflatable silicone temperature-resistant sealing ring is adopted for pot cover sealing, which ensures reliable sealing and long service life. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, easy to control the heating temperature, etc. The sterilizing pot is mainly used in food industry, medicine and other fields.


        The horizontal sterilization pot of this form is used in general canneries for the sterilization of atmospheric boiling water. The device can realize backpressure sterilization by introducing compressed air. If cooling is to be carried out in the pot, a water pump shall be used to drive the spray pipe at the top of the pot (or a water circulation system shall be used). During sterilization, the pressure inside the can will exceed the pressure outside the can (in the pot) due to the rising temperature caused by heating. Therefore, in order to avoid pressurization inside the bottle and capping, the two ends of the tinplate can should be protruded, so backpressure must be applied, especially for canned meat that needs higher sterilization temperature. The use of backpressure sterilization, that is, the use of compressed air into the pot to increase pressure, prevent cans and jump cap, the operation of the situation is described as follows: because the compressed air is a bad heat conductor, steam itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, in the sterilization heating process, do not put compressed air, but only to reach the sterilization temperature in the heat preservation, open compressed air into the pot, so that the pot increased 0.5-0.8 atmosphere. After special sterilization, cooling cooling, stop the supply of steam, cooling water into the spray pipe. As the temperature in the pot drops, the steam condenses, and the pressure in the pot decreases using compressed air to compensate.

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