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        Double - layer water bath sterilization pot

        pro description:




        Full water type refers to the sterilization process in the sterilization pot is full of heating medium (hot water), the pot or bottle is always immersed in water (so also known as immersed) heating mode, the advantage is sterilization without dead Angle. Doused type refers to the sterilization process, sterilization pot top or side of the spray heating way, the pot or bottle is hot water spraying heating way.

        The whole water sterilization kettle can be divided into static type and full water type. Static type refers to the pot or bottle in the sterilization basket in the process of sterilization is always in a static state of the sterilization pot structure, rotary type refers to the pot or bottle in the sterilization basket in the sterilization process in the state of continuous rotation of the sterilization pot structure.

        All-water sterilization POTS are usually suitable for the sterilization of bottled, canned and packaged foods. Top spray is usually suitable for sterilization of bottled and canned foods; The side spray type is usually suitable for packaged food and is placed in a multi-layer sterilizing basket when sterilizing.

        Below the time of death of Botox and temperature listed for reference.

        heating temperature℃100110121.1125130135
        killing time516分51.6分4分1.63分30.8秒10秒

        Device parameter list



        inner diametermm60090010001000120012001300130015001500
        Total Lengthrotary Type2000280028003500280045004800580050005800
        static type1800250025003000250040004200520045005500

        total width



        total height


        cage sizerotary Type800X300750X500750X5001000X550750X700750X700750X780900X780750X900900X900
        static type800X380750X600750X6501000X650750X8001000X8001000X880900X8801000X1000900X1000
        active volumem3rotary Type0.070.360.440.
        static type0.110.520.60.80.921.862.282.7233.6
        design temperature145℃
        test pressure0.43Mpa
        design pressure0.35Mpa

        Equipment details


        Company strength

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        5. Equipment real material, prevent fraud.

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