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A Crafty Harry Potter Party

A Harry Potter Themed Party

What is better than all things Harry Potter? All things Harry Potter that are affordable! And I’m not talking about the “affordable” that will end up costing you $200 of online buying. My Harry Potter party consisted of cheap, hand-made crafts, dollar store finds, making do with what I already had available (or could borrow from friends and family), and ready to serve or simple recipes. Feel free to use all of this as inspiration for your next Halloween, birthday, or Harry Potter fan party!


1. Floating Candles

I did these slightly different than the source instructions but they still turned out great. I mixed some yellow paint into my white to give it an aged look. I also had thicker paint that would not drip like the original instructions. So instead, I painted a quick white coat, allowed to dry, then went back over with my yellow tinted paint. A thin layer of matte acrylic spray sealer can also help the paint stay on the hot glue “drips”.

Harry Potter Party Floating Candles Crafts
Floating Candles
2. Flying Keys

There are several ways to do these but in order to use the materials I had available to me, I had to wing it. Pun intended. I found simple skeleton key clip art designs and butterfly or fairy wing designs online and printed them on cardstock to create a template. I then used craft foam (black, tan, and grey) for the keys, cutting them out with a pen knife. For the wings, I used scrap plastic packaging sheets my husband brought home from work (tracing paper would also work) and traced the wing template with a fine point permanent marker, and attached them with hot glue. I used fishing line and clear push pins to secure them to the ceiling.

Harry Potter Party Crafts Flying Keys
Flying Keys
3. Ron’s Pet Rat, Scabbers

This one takes a little skill. I found a squeaky black rat at a local dollar store and painted him to look more like Scabbers. I even cut off his right index finger (according to the books)! If you would like to try this one, I suggest sealing it with matte acrylic sealer spray.

Harry Potter Party Crafts Scabbers Hand Painted Plastic Halloween Prop Rat
Ron’s Pet Rat, Scabbers
4. Platform 9 3/4 Brick Wall Entrance

There are many ways to do this craft, but again I needed to work with what I already had available. I used scrap white material and to get the different red bricks, I added a small amount of green paint to the red paint. For the sign I used some scrapbook paper and construction paper. All free hand, no templates.

Harry Potter Party Craft Platform 9 and 3 Quarters Doorway Entrance
Platform 9 3/4 Brick Wall Entrance
5. Follow the Spiders Wreath

This was a craft decoration from the previous Halloween, but, of coarse, it was a must. The wreath itself is a simple combination of a cheap twig wreath, fake spider webbing, plastic spiders, and trusty hot glue. The “Follow the Spiders” sign I made from dampening thick paper with paint-tinted water (coffee can also tint paper) and allowing it to dry curled. I then used hot glue to secure it to the web.

Harry Potter Party Crafts Follow the Spiders Wreath
Follow the Spiders (and feed Fang) Wreath
6. Hogwarts House Bookmarks

I created my bookmarks using Picmonkey after seeing some awesome bookmarks on Etsy. I used the house crests, the dominant personality traits of each house student, and other images I felt applied to each house (Harry’s glasses and scar for Gryffindor, Deathly Hallows symbol Luna’s father wore as a necklace -Luna was Ravenclaw, a potion bottle for Prefessor Snape, head of Slytherin house, and the Sorting Hat for Hufflepuff because I personally like the way he says “Hufflepuff” in the movie) to create personable bookmarks.

Harry Potter Bookmarks
Harry Potter Bookmarks
7. Broomstick Gift Bags

These were easy enough, even if I didn’t read the instructions. I know, I know, shame on me. But if you would like to, click here, these were my inspiration. As for the “broom handle”, I used the wands (mentioned below), and the gift bags included one Golden Snitch candy and a Thank You howler (both also mentioned below).

Harry Potter Party Crafts Broomstick Gift Bags
Broomstick Gift Bags
Harry Potter Party Crafts Broomstick Gift Bag Contents Wand Golden Snitch and Thank You Howler
Gift Bag: Wand, Golden Snitch, and Thank You Howler
8. Wands

There is NO WAY you can have a Harry Potter party without wands! And they really are easy to make. Yes, I did try to make some that looked similar to the ones from the movies and the Pottermore site, but I did not sell them. Click here for my inspirational instructions.

Harry Potter Party Crafts Wands
9. Thank You Howler 

Because I could not find a good “Ron’s Howler” how-to, I made my own template. I used red construction paper for the envelope and white printer paper for the letter, a small red ribbon for the “tongue”, a pair of zigzag pattern scissors to create the teeth effect, an ultra thin marker for the decorations, and hot glue to assemble the howlers. For the templates below, I created them using Fontspace Harry Potter fonts and Picmonkey. Note: My demensions were 3 inches by 6 inches, but you can make them larger.

Harry Potter Party Crafts Rons Howler Thank You Mischief Managed
Ron’s Howler Thank You Mischief Managed with Footprints
Harry Potter Party Crafts Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Animagus Dog Footprints
Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Animagus Dog Footprints
Harry Potter Party Crafts Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Animagus Footprints
Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Animagus Cat Footprints
Harry Potter Party Crafts Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Footprints
Thank You Mischief Managed Howler with Footprints
Harry Potter Party Crafts Howler Envelope Template Front - Ron Weasleys Red Howler
Ron’s Howler Envelope Template (Front)
Harry Potter Party Crafts Howler Envelope Template Back - Rons Red Howler
Ron’s Howler Envelope Template (Back)

**You can print these or use them as inspiration and make them your own. Remember all content on this site is under copyright so please be courteous and give us a shout out.**

10. Golden Snitch Candy

The page I had gotten my inspiration from is no longer available so I will provide you with the template I created for my snitch wings. I used gold glitter scrapbook paper and hot glued the tips to the sides of Ferrero Rocher candies.

Golden Snitch Wing Template
Golden Snitch Wing Template
Golden Snitches (Candy)

Foods and Snacks:

I wanted a snack for each house and these are the ones I used. I also wanted to incorporate some of the snacks from the movie. This was my party food list, feel free to use it or make up your own!

Huffle PuffsCheese puffs

Raven ClawsBugels

Slytherin SnakesSour or Plain gummy worms

Gryffin S’smores – Baked or classic S’mores

Chocolate frogs – Buy molds here

Golden Snitches – (See above)

Bertie Bott’sGimbles, Jelly Belly, or Bertie Bott’s

Butterbeer – Find the recipe here. *Note: I suggest caramel melts instead of the hard candies or caramel syrup. The hard candies did not dissolve well.

Felix Felicis – Butterscotch Schnapps – I hand painted over the label for effect. You could also print off a label using the background provided for the food labels and the fonts provided below.

Polyjuice Potion – Find the recipe here. We added gin but did not label it as anything special since it was staying in the freezer.


Griffin S'mores and Huffle Puffs
Griffin S’mores and Huffle Puffs
Raven Claws and Slytherin Snakes
Raven Claws and Slytherin Snakes
Chocolate Frogs
Chocolate Frogs
Felix Felicis Butterscotch Schnapps
Felix Felicis Butterscotch Schnapps
1. Food Labels

For the background I used a parchment background and the fonts were from Fontspace. The labels were created using Picmonkey.

Harry Potter Food Labels-page-001

Harry Potter Themed Food Labels
Harry Potter Themed Food Labels
2. Food Label Stands

These were made with large paperclips and wire pliers. You can find the instructions here.

3. Potion Cauldron

We bought a cauldron from our local Big Lots and added dry ice for the smoke effect. You can find the instructions for that here.

Polyjuice Potion
Get this party started!

During the party we played the Harry Potter soundtrack station on Spotify for ambiance. We separated into teams — based on houses, of course — and played several rounds of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. There is so much more I could have done and if you have any ideas, send them our way. /*

**Remember to drink your potions responsibly!**

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