Forgotten - Flash Fiction Poem

Original Photo by Gab Pili on Unsplash



She wiped the sweat from her brow.

The unforgiving midday heat

made the days all seem the same now

while she hid from the people on the street.


The shadows of the alley

did nothing to conceal the grime.

She knew not to dally

for her presence was considered a crime.


The life of a Forgotten,

even one so young.

The streets were hard and rotten

for the Forgotten on the bottom rung.


Flashing lights of blue

announced a returning threat.

The child’s dread grew.

There was but one place to hide, with regret.


The plastic bags clung to her skin.

The pungent stench

stole her grin,

but she did not dare to flinch.


“Hey, kid,” called a voice.

“They’re gone, man.


A bedraggled man leaned against a garbage can.


“Once I’m grown,” she said.

The man cocked his head, “What’s that?”

“My mom.” She looked away. “She’s dead.”

He removed his too large hat.


“So sorry, child.

Such an unkind world.”

It was forced, but he smiled.

His coat flapped as he twirled.


“Hey, wait!”

She cried out.

“There’s no time to hesitate!”

He led her through a most confusing route.


After years of isolation,

she clung to the hope of kindness.

The man disappeared into an old gas station.

She followed with utter blindness.


She continued, ignoring the rust and dust.

Surely misbegotten,

but if there were any she could trust

she hoped it was another Forgotten.


At the back, she found a flight of stairs.

Soft voices and a dim light below,

she found a large room with beds and chairs.

She was welcomed by a trio.


“Come here, little one,

and have a seat,”

the old woman begun.

“We haven’t much, but you’re out of the heat.”


Cautiously, she sat upon a bed.

Out popped a small dog from beneath.

She patted its head.

It smiled, even showing teeth.


The dog was as soft as cotton.

“What is this place?”

The woman smiled. “A home for the Forgotten.”

And there was such kindness on her face.


Although troubled by sadness and memory,

this was the best day she had ever gotten.

She allowed herself a bit of reverie,

for she was home among the Forgotten.


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