Fantasy Writing Prompts: July 2017

Fantasy Writing Prompts

A bit late on the upload this morning. I was watching the Wimbledon Final and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next Doctor. Spoilers are everywhere, but I won’t share them here. Just in case you’re somehow viewing this while hiding from the new information. But, we’re excited.

Anyway, if you’re a frequent visitor of our content, you know we are undergoing several projects this summer. You can catch up on some of them by reading Les’s Tipsy Scribbles¬†post from a couple of weeks ago. As for updates: the shower is now tile-less, but the divider wall is still up. We’ve had to add a beach umbrella to our garden. Our poor Japanese maple saproling¬†is struggling with too much sun exposure. The purging of unnecessary clutter in our house continues and a yard sale is inevitable.

When reality becomes too much, it is common to find comfort in the worlds of fantasy. Therefore, we offer up three new fantasy writing prompts to start your very own story. These can also offer up new plot directions for your favorite roleplaying game. As always, we would love to see your stories and artwork. You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Fantasy Writing Prompts-Jul17-The silence of the forest was terrifying.
The silence of the forest was terrifying.
Fantasy Writing Prompts-Jul17-The ocean breeze swept the figure's ragged cloak.
The ocean breeze swept the figure’s ragged cloak.
Fantasy Writing Prompts-Jul17-The golden pedestal stood empty. The kingdom's most infamous weapon had been stolen.
The golden pedestal stood empty. The kingdom’s most infamous weapon had been stolen.


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