Keeper of the Guardians

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Keeper of the Guardians

Written by Guest Writer:



Long ago, deep within a lush forest teeming with life, there was a darkness. A murder. A man had slain a wolf and captured her cubs for his own selfish and greedy means. But where there is death, there is life. The wolf and her cubs were a sacrifice to save one. Hidden beneath the twisting bramble of a nearby bush lay a silent pup frozen with fear. Curled tightly against the damp chill of the forest floor, the abandoned cub waited for his chance at survival.

The following evening in the last light of sundown, another lone wolf made his way through the forest like a looming shadow. He embraced his solitude and refused to depend on any pack. He out-weighed and out-witted any wolf who had the ill fortune of crossing his path, until now.

A weak whimper sounded from below the wolf’s enormous paws. The cub shivered against the chill night air. Catching the foul scent of man, the wolf knew this pup would be left to die. The wolf cradled the trembling cub in his maw and returned to the safety of his warm den.

As the seasons passed, the cub grew into a strong and fierce wolf. The two became an inseparable pair, a pack of their own. Together they roamed the wilds without fear of man or beast. But with life, comes death.

Legends say the two wolves perished together, leaving behind their physical forms to fade into the forest. Their spirits entered the realm of the supernatural as great beasts with obsidian fur and eyes of burning stars. Their afterlife of guardianship offers guidance and protection to those who are abandoned.

In the span of two centuries, the guardians had not felt abandonment quite like this. A deepening loneliness drove their spirits across the universe to find one so empty and heartbroken; they vowed to never leave her side. This young girl who once felt so alone is now the keeper of the guardians.

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