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Tipsy Scribbles: Tipsy Knitting

Tipsy Knitting


Last week I had mentioned the baby blankets I had begun to knit for my expectant cousins. As one baby shower nears, my anxiety grows. The first blanket was inspired by a crochet sea turtle blanket my friend Elizabeth had shown me. I cannot crochet. I have tried and tried and tried and maybe someday I will try again, but today is not that day. I found a ripple lace knit pattern alternative for the crochet blanket and tweaked it a tad. I added two extra rows between each “wave” and the “beach” is the stockinette without the wave patterns. I also mathed and found that each wave is composed of 18 stitches. If you account for the bordering stitch (6 stitches on each side, 12 stitches total) you can reduce or enlarge the pattern without cutting off a wave mid-pattern. I reduced my pattern to 102 stitches, using I Love This Cotton brand yarn and US size 9 bamboo circular needles. I did not measure my guage, but the blanket ended up being about 27 inches by 27 inches square. When you start this pattern, and if you want the ocean and beach effect, start with the dark ocean color. The colors I used are 95 Antique Cream for the sand, 6 White for the foam, 68 Aqua for the shallow water, and 98 Bright Teal for the deep water. If I ever redo this style, I think I want to add another color between the dark and light ocean color to help with the gradient effect.

Beach Waves Baby Security Blanket
Beach Waves Baby Security Blanket


The sea shell was fairly easy. The instructions were very straight forward. There were some things in the pattern I checked YouTube for a quick tutorial. I would say this would be for a skilled beginner, already knowing the basic stitches. I used a size 2mm bamboo needle (and it didn’t snap, but I was holding my breath!) and the I Love This Cotton brand yarn in 6 White.

White Knit Shell
White Knit Shell


I could not find I small baby sea turtle knit pattern that really impressed me. I will say this, there are so many adorable crochet patterns for them! Unfortunately I had to opt out for the cute sea turtles, and instead decided to make an octopus. One of my other favorite sea creatures! This was the only knit octopus pattern I could find that did not require double pointed needles. I did not like the tentacle design and went for the curly look instead. The original pattern for the curly I-cord called for 3 stitches but I bulked mine up to 5 stitches, keeping the slip stitch in the middle on stitch 3. I used 306 Dark Denim I Love This Cotton brand yarn and size 3mm bamboo needles. I used the same for the head pattern as well. When this is finished, I am going to give it stitched eyes, rather than plastic to be on the safe side.

Knit Octopus Navy Blue
Knit Octopus Navy Blue


This is all for now. I will add a photo of the finished product to one of my upcoming Tipsy Scribbles. Until then, keep knitting and cheers to creativity!


“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.” – Frank A. Clark


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