Tipsy Scribbles - A picture says a thousand words when wine loosens the tongue.

Tipsy Scribbles: Prayer



Sorry about last week’s lack of Tipsy. I have once again swamped myself with projects. Women know there is a certain point in our monthly cycle where we feel like we can do anything and everything. It may be called “nesting” but we’re not building nests. We’re building a tower of projects that will eventually crush us with the unbearable pressure of our own anxiety. Right this instant, I am juggling six projects: three baby blankets, two art commissions, and one art project for myself.

Early this month – or the end of last month, it’s all starting to run together – I found out three of my cousins were expecting! Two of which are expecting their second child. The third is actually my cousin’s wife, and this is her first child. Her blanket will be a knit version of the baby sea turtle blanket. I’ll elaborate on that project later, providing links to patterns and sharing any tweaking of my own. The other two blankets will be the ten stitch blanket. Again, I will share all the links to the blanket patterns later, possibly next week.

Before I had started all of this, I had decided to attempt my first person pastel. So far my subjects have been scenery or animals. It is not complete, I have had to put this on hold until I can manage to get everything else finished. This is my own project and it has no deadline. I will admit this: the most difficult challenge is replicating skin tones. It is a challenge that is frustrating and addictive, which means this will more than likely not be my last human pastel. I have censured this picture for all our viewers.

Prayer - censured version - 8x10 chalk pastel on paper - Tipsy Scribbles - A picture says a thousand words when wine loosens the tongue.
Prayer (censured)


“Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.” — Mahatma Gandhi


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