Sentient Ring of Protection: Undead Farm Reward

Sentient Ring of Protection

This ring is bestowed upon the Player Characters (PCs) after completing the D&D Adventure Module: Undead Farm. Role-play the delivery depending on the outcome of the encounter with the Mother’s Spectre. If the PCs decided to defeat the spectre and the young necromancer, then the ring will be on the boy. If the PCs avoided combat in any way and work towards saving the child, the spectre will gift the ring to a PC. It’s up to the GM how much the PCs know about the ring.

The ring grants +2 to the wearer’s AC at all times.

However, the ring is intelligent and has its own purpose.

  • Intelligence: 13
  • Wisdom: 11
  • Charisma: 15

The ring is of Lawful Good alignment and communicates with the wearer in an empathic nature, the wearer can sense the emotions of the ring and understand its intentions. The ring is motivated by a single goal: the destruction of evil. The ring rejects all evil alignments and urges the wearer to destroy or slay those it encounters. To aid the wearer, the ring also grants two additional abilities. The wearer can see Invisible at will and use Detect Magic at will.

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