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Tipsy Scribbles: October 26, 2016

Tipsy Scribbles

Wednesday had previously been for comics, and if you noticed, last week was comicless. The Holloway family (mostly Leslie and her mother-in-law, Deana) had over stuffed October with projects. While Deana sewed 3 beautiful Renaissance Faire costumes, I (Les) made accessories for said costumes and I am preparing for our Harry Potter Party. *Visit our Facebook page for photos from the Faire. Photos from the party will be posted later.

Although I enjoyed my comics, I would like to build up a stock of art in hopes of opening a booth at a Renaissance Faire, or another arts and crafts event. I love talking with other artists at these events, and it would be an honor to become a part of the community.

With that said, Wednesdays will now feature sketches and watercolors or small acrylic paintings. I hope you enjoy the three I have featured today. Let me know if there is something in particular you would like to see. A skill can only get better with practice and more diverse with challenge.

Passion Butterfly Sketch Watercolor
Passion Butterfly
Cuban Land Snail Sketch Watercolor
Cuban Land Snail
European Bee Eater Bird Sketch Watercolor
European Bee Eater Bird

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