Undead Farm: A D&D Adventure Module

Undead Farm


In Undead Farm, the player characters (PCs) are investigating rumors surrounding a farmhouse located at the edge of a forest in the farm lands of Radun. Start the session in whatever location works best for you. If you want, you can sprinkle in hints in current sessions that would lead the PCs to the farming settlement.

The rumors about the farm include howling throughout the nights, a lingering presence of dark magic over the area, the screams and crying of a child, and an inability of the locals to get close to the house. Use any or all of these rumors to lead your PCs to the farm. It is recommended that the PCs be at least 5th Level. All details, however, can be altered to fit the party as necessary.

If you are a player and not a game/dungeon master, anything beyond this point could contain spoilers. Continue at your own discretion or share the link with your DM.

Approaching the Farmhouse

Please reference the Mysterious Farm Maps in conjunction with this adventure module.

  1. Corn Fields. Two scarecrows take turns casting Mind Fog over the property to dissuade any that would approach the farmhouse. A successful Will Saving Throw of DC 18 negates the effects. A failure results in a -10 competence penalty to all Wisdom checks and Will saves and leaves PC temporarily unsure of their purpose of approaching the farmhouse.
  2. Horse Pasture/Cow Pasture/Chicken Coops. Undead versions of the three farm animals can be found surrounding the farmhouse. Stats are provided below under Threats to the Player Characters. The conditions of the fencing and the environment itself are in varying degrees of degeneration due to the necromantic presence.
  3. Barn. The barn is beyond use. Most of the structure appears to have been destroyed by fire. The roof is collapsed in and most of the walls have crumbled. If the PCs investigate the debris further, they will find a multitude of bones beneath the ash and charred wood.
  4. Farmhouse. The structure is the centerpiece of the adventure model. The building is in disrepair and appears to have been painted white at some point in the distant past. The occasional howls of a canine-beast can be heard coming from within the farmhouse. The aura of black magic is stronger the closer the PCs are to the structure.

Within the Farmhouse

Main Floor Map of the Farmhouse. For Undead Farm: A D&D Adventure Module

  1. Covered porches. There are two, at the front (1 on the map) and the back (8 on the map) of the farmhouse, covered porches. The handrails are worn and are broken in several places. The floorboards creak slightly under pressure. The doors entering the farmhouse are locked (DC 20 to Open Lock or DC 18 (Str) to break down door).
  2. Foyer.The only light in the foyer is the soft glow of a fire coming under the double doors that leads to the living room.
  3. Living room. A small fire burns in a pit at the center of the living room. A think layer of dust settles over the room. A successful Search check DC 10 reveals footprints in the dust leading to a staircase to the second floor. If the search check exceeds DC 17, the PC(s) also notice a less used path of footprints leading to the basement’s staircase.
  4. Library. For the scholarly PCs, the library houses over 400 books. Including tomes and scrolls on Necromantic magic and spells.
  5. Dining room. A table slightly too large for the room forces people to walk single file around the perimeter of the dining room. A single meal is placed at the head of the table. It was placed recently but the food is now cold.
  6. Kitchen. There is a decently stocked larder in the kitchen if the PCs are in need of food and willing to take from the farmhouse. The kitchen, however, is looked after by a Zombie Housekeeper that is not happy to see someone in the house. If the PCs have been making a lot of noise (breaking doors, etc.), the Zombie Housekeeper will likely meet the PCs in the dining room, library, or living room.
  7. Storage room. The storage room has no light source. If the PCs have a torch, they will discover the room is neatly arranged but also features a thick layer of dust. Farming equipment lines the walls, sacks of corn in various conditions can also be found, as well as riding equipment.

Upstairs and Down

  1. Upstairs hallway. Several small torches are ensconced in the hall way. Instead of the peeling paint found on the walls throughout the rest of the house, this room appears to have been painted recently. A portrait of a young boy is hanging on a wall.
  2. Bedroom 1. The room has been undisturbed for several years. The bed remains neatly made and everything is in its place. Cobwebs are the main attraction of this room.
  3. Bedroom 2. In contrary to the other bedroom, this one is frequently used. There is no dust or cobwebs. A nearly burned out candle illuminates the room. the bedsheets are tossed and unmade. A midnight black robe is draped over the back of a chair and book (romantic fiction) lay open on the table near the candle.
  4. Master bedroom. The child heard crying and seen in the portraits is playing in the master bedroom. He becomes frightened by the PCs and begins to summon something to protect him. See below in Threats to the Player Characters.
  5. Basement. The basement is an open rectangular room. A single torch is ensconced near the only door, casting a faint glow but leaving most of the room in shadows. Upon exploring further, the PCs learn the basement is full of 6 foot cubed steel cages. The steel is coated with silver. There is at least one werewolf locked in the basement (more, if you desire). The/one werewolf begs for the PCs to free him/her.

Threats to the Player Characters

  1. Scarecrows. 5d10-5 (20 hp). AC 15 (-1 Dex, +6 natural). +5 melee (claws) Dam 1d6+3. CR 2. There are at least two. They are casting Mind Fog on the area.
  2. Undead Horses. 3d12+3 (21 hp). AC 14 (-1 size, +5 natural). +2 melee (hooves) Dam 1d4+2. Undead. CR 1. There can be as many or as few as you like. Their goal is to protect the child within house.
  3. Undead Cows. 2d12+4 (17 hp). AC 12 (-1 size, +3 natural). +1 melee (slam) Dam 1d6-1. Undead. CR 1/2. There can be as many or as few as you like. Their goal is to protect the child within house.
  4. Undead Chickens. 1/2 d12 (3 hp). AC 14 (+2 size, +2 Dex). +3 melee (beak) Dam 1d4-2. Undead. CR 1/6. There can be as many or as few as you like. Their goal is to protect the child within house.
  5. Zombie Housekeeper. 4d12+4 (27 hp). AC 12 (-1 Dex, +3 natural). +3 melee (slam) Dam 1d6+2. Undead. CR 1. The zombie housekeeper is keeping a set of keys that can unlock any door in the farmhouse.
  6. Necromancer Child. 5d8-5 (22 hp). AC 14 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +2 Amulet). CR 3. The child is rather powerful in Necromantic magic but is unwilling to fight on his own. When frightened, he will summon a powerful monster to protect him. PCs may attempt to save the child rather than fight.
  7. Werewolves. 2d8+4 (13 hp). AC 12 (+2 natural); AC 16 (+2 dex, +4 natural) as wolf or hybrid. +0 melee (Unarmed strike) Dam 1d3 subdual; +3 melee (bite) Dam 1d6+1 as wolf/hybrid. Curse of Lycanthropy. CR 3. The caged werewolves are looking to be freed.
  8. Boss Monster? Check back next week to see what the child has conjured to protect himself!

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