Romance Writing Prompts: September 2016

Romance Writing Prompts: September 2016

You have the artist to thank for these writing prompts. We had not posted any romance prompts since July, but I was having some serious mental block on anything romantic. But Leslie saved the day! You almost got a second round of fantasy. Below are four brand new writing prompts to set up a romantic story. Or you can be like me, and make them all dark with relative ease. Be sure to share your stories with us!

Their eyes met. Suddenly, they were alone in the crowd.
“I love you,” he whispers under his breath as the love of his life walks down the aisle to the man he is paid to assassinate.
She opened her apartment door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him; he had found her.
The king had made her his queen, despite knowing this would start a world wide war.

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