World Map: Vallonde

World Map: Vallonde

I have started experimenting with map making. After poking around Pinterest for a while, I came across a post from It was exactly what I needed. The ideas for Vallonde were ready to take shape.

So I made my very first map! I started with the coastlines then added in mountain ranges, rivers, and forests. After the natural landscape was set, I placed a handful of cities and towns throughout the map. I used a name generator from The Hypertext d20 SRD site to fill in the names of the cities and towns. Sorry, working on naming my own world and needed assistance to get these named. The descriptions, however, are completely made up and even offer a few adventure hooks. You are, of course, welcome to use this as it is for your game’s setting or change whatever you need to fit a current campaign.

World Map of Vallonde, a fictional world for roleplaying.
And, yes, it is colored by crayons.

Cities of Vallonde

  1. The Great City of Sabryeg. The Northern capital.
  2. The Sentinel City of Webrook. Statues of bygone heroes loom over the wide, carved streets of this mountain based metropolis.
  3. The Astral Port of Hellonde. Boats, as far as the eyes can see.
  4. The Elemental City of Fastedalr. Houses a reputable magic school.
  5. The Ethereal Port of Paburh. A picturesque city by the sea.
  6. The Divine City of Unsfalls. Most of the city is found in the branches, high above the ground.
  7. Labrook, the City of Bridges. Situated between two mighty rivers.
  8. The Garden City of Naramunz. Farming, elevated to an art form.
  9. Barakib, the City of Song. The sea breeze sings through the elaborate architecture.
  10. The Great Ports of Weeford. The Southern capital.

Towns of Vallonde

  • A: Neathy. Quiet fishing town, with paranoid residents.
  • B: Bastow. Home of the largest lighthouse.
  • C: Iggardlundr. A monastic order resides in the peaks of the mountain range.
  • D: Tiregal. Largest horse ranch in the land.
  • E: Cawold. Frequent sightings of strange things in the river.
  • F: Radun. Simple farm lands.
  • G: Heriklif. A growing fish market.
  • H: Bacot. Residents are afraid to leave their homes after sunset.
  • I: Ukkhizdil. Filled with soldiers’ barracks, to protect Naramunz.
  • J: Teegrove. Herb growers. Source of the area’s medicines.
  • K: Olfalls. Rumors often reference a mighty wizard.
  • L: Castow. Claims of sea beasts sinking ships.
  • M: Nalukkhel. Rumors of legendary treasures in the nearby forest.
  • N: Wanderer’s Stop. A small town where travelers meet before exploring the Southern Reaches.
  • O: Scamor. Frequent mermaid sightings.
  • P: Tumunzar. Pirate haven.
  • Q: Mithloriand. Reclusive folk look suspiciously upon newcomers.
  • R: Worminster. Legends of dark magic always accompany this town.

Future Maps?

I definitely plan to keep working on maps. I am working hard to shape my own world that will feature a deep, rich history and amazing characters. We’ve provided a slight glimpse into that world with the introduction of Brix and Gregor. I’m really excited to bring this world to life and share it with you all. I truly hope you enjoy.

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