How To Comic: Have A Perfect First Date

How To: Have a Perfect First Date

First dates are always scary, no matter your age. Whether this is your first “first date” or you’ve lost count of how many “first dates” you’ve been on, it is slightly terrifying. There is so much emphasis put on making a good impression that we often lose ourselves in our overcompensation. We become nervous, clumsy, jittery, and closed off. This comic, based on mine and my husband’s fist date, shows you that first dates are far from flawless, but they’re always perfect as long as you follow these steps.

How To Comic Have a Perfect First Date

Step 1: Be yourself. –  *cough choke cough*

Step 2: Be honest. – “I’m pretty weird.” “Me too!”

Step 3: Listen to your heart. – “He’s perfect” “She’s perfect”

Step 4: Never settle for less than you deserve. – [1 year later…] “Will you marry me?” “What do you think?”

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