How To Comic: Make a Doctor Appointment

How To: Make a Doctor Appointment

This may not apply to everyone, but making phone calls about important affairs is stressful. Making your first doctor’s appointment is even worse. It’s not like there is a course for this in school or you take notes while your parent or guardian schedules you. And if/when you mess up the over-the-phone conversation, you must face this person after agonizing weeks of sleepless overthinking. But, then again, this may not apply to you if this all seems a bit much.

Doctor Appointment How-To Comic

Step 1: Call Mom – “What do I say?” “I need to make an appointment.”

Step 2: Rehearse – “I need to make an appointment… I NEED to… no… Hello there!… no… Hi! This is… …no. Hey! What’s up? I need… …no…”

Step 3: Call Mom Back – “Mom, PLEASE?!” “I can’t, I’m busy, honey.”

Step 4: Call doctor’s office – “I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR THANKS BYE!”

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