How To Comic: Have A Perfect First Date

How To: Have a Perfect First Date

First dates are always scary, no matter your age. Whether this is your first “first date” or you’ve lost count of how many “first dates” you’ve been on, it is slightly terrifying. There is so much emphasis put on making a good impression that we often lose ourselves in our overcompensation. We become nervous, clumsy, jittery, and closed off. This comic, based on mine and my husband’s fist date, shows you that first dates are far from flawless, but they’re always perfect as long as you follow these steps.

How To Comic Have a Perfect First Date

Step 1: Be yourself. –  *cough choke cough*

Step 2: Be honest. – “I’m pretty weird.” “Me too!”

Step 3: Listen to your heart. – “He’s perfect” “She’s perfect”

Step 4: Never settle for less than you deserve. – [1 year later…] “Will you marry me?” “What do you think?”

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Writing Prompts for Settings: June 2016

Writing Prompts for Settings

Have ideas for fascinating characters but no where to put them? We can help with this week’s writing prompts! Below, you will find four unique settings devoid of characters. As always, we would love to read any of your stories or artwork that have drawn inspiration from these or any of our featured writing prompts.

Writing Prompts-The filthy streets vibrated with a pervasive drone-June 2016-settings
The filthy streets vibrated with a pervasive drone.
Writing Prompts-The fireplace animated the shadows within the forgotten library-June 2016-settings
The fireplace animated the shadows within the forgotten library.
Writing Prompts-The forlorn voices echoed throughout the citadel-June 2016-settings
The forlorn voices echoed throughout the citadel.
Writing Prompts-The purple sands radiated heat from the two looming suns-June 2016-settings
The purple sands radiated heat from the two looming suns.

If you already have your setting in mind, check out some of our other writing prompts! Share your stories with us in the comments below or on our social media pages. And don’t forget to subscribe to our site for notifications on future posts.

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Survivor Part 9

Survivor Part 9

Continued from Team Work.

Shya wandered the vast corridors. She could explore the fortress every day for a year and still discover something new. After Stowe showed her to her room, a lavishly decorated room larger than her childhood home, he told her she could go wherever she pleased but she would not be allowed to leave the walls.

Three days of exploring and she had finally found a perimeter wall. Beyond the window, she could see the purplish-blue of the sky. A full moon floated about the picturesque view, blending with the soft hues. Shya braced herself against the window frame and leaned her head out. Her shoulder length black hair whipped before her eyes before settling. That’s a long way down she thought to herself. She furrowed her brow as the cool wind parted her hair. Far below, the Maze stretched out as far as she could see.

Survivor Message in the Mirror

A faint scratching sound came from behind her. Pulling herself from the dizzying sight of the Maze so far below, she turned to see a large wooden door across the hall. Shya pressed her right ear to the door and the scratching stopped. After a moment of silence, the scratching continued. Shya softly knocked on the wooden door and it slowly swung inwards with a groan.

A woman with dark, stretched skin sat at a wooden table scattered with hand written documents and several ink wells. It was the same woman Shya had seen in the cabin the night she had met Reis. A night that seemed so long ago. She smiled when she saw Shya and lifted her quill from the parchment. “Come in, dear.” Her voice was quiet. “It would be an honor to entertain the Survivor.” She smiled again.

Shya open her mouth to speak, but her eyes shifted to the far side of the quaint room. There were seven mirrors of various designs. In the center was a tall, thin mirror with a smooth frame of solid gold. Shya took a step back while she tried to compose herself. To the right of it was another familiar mirror, circular with a wooden frame.

Shya turned to face the seated woman, questions burning within her.

She nodded. “Yes, Shya. I was in this very room when last we spoke through that mirror. We have been doing everything in our power to get you here in time. You’re one of us. You are a survivor.”

“You want to make sure I don’t fulfill the prophecy.”

“Of course. Stowe and I do everything we can to prevent the prophecy from coming true. Just like we always have. With your help.”

“Agatha?” The voice came from the doorway behind Shya. Stowe didn’t have the Book with him this time. “It’s quite safe, I assure you,” Stowe said, as if hearing her thoughts. “I am sorry to interrupt, but it’s very nearly time,” he said to Agatha. She nodded in understanding. “Come with me for a moment, Shya. Your part will come after.”

Shya looked to Agatha, who motioned for her to do as she was instructed. She followed Stowe in to the corridor.

“You must understand,” Stowe said after closing the door, “the mirrors can manipulate time when necessary. And it is necessary that you deliver a message in a few minutes.”

“Why would I help you?”

Stowe smiled. “For starters, it’s the right thing to do.” Obviously, he saw her disbelief. “I was afraid you wouldn’t see reason.” Stowe pulled a mirror from one of his pockets and held it out for her to see. Instead of her reflection, Shain and Mira lay asleep within the Maze. “I believe we understand each other?”

Shya lowered her eyes, hoping to conceal her anger. “What am I supposed to say?”

“I’m sure that you’ll think of the right thing to say.” He opened the door, placed his hand at the small of her back, and guided her to the gold-framed mirror.

She immediately recognized her reflection. The shoulder length dark hair and sunken eyes belonged to the woman that had spoken to her in that damned desert.

The mirror rippled and she saw herself, gasping for air and drenched from the wave of water that had spilled from the mirror.

Shya took a deep breath before she met her eyes.  “Few survive the first test. But, of course, we knew you would survive.”

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How To Comic: Properly Dress for Any Occasion

How To: Properly Dress for Any Occasion

When it comes to clothes, my husband has three modes: pajamas, nerd shirt, and full tuxedo. Women have to know the temperature, is it going to rain, how windy is it, is it a holiday, will I be standing or sitting, DID I SHAVE? It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. So when all the questions become too much, the only answer left to say is “screw it, I’m staying home.”

How To Comic Dress Up

Step 1: Determine the type of occasion. – “So, is it fancy fancy?” “I think just sort of fancy…maybe.”

Step 2: Assemble an outfit. – *sobs*

Step 3: Show off your style! – “I think he ate some bad chicken. I’ll tell him… ok, you too…” *moaning & wailing*

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Romance Writing Prompts: June 2016

Romance Writing Prompts: June 2016

Every story needs a bit of romance. This week, we’re providing our readers with five writing prompts to add some romance to your stories. From their first encounters to the established love, we have you covered this week. Don’t forget to share the love!

Writing Prompt-He knew that he was home when her lips touched his-June 2016-Romance Prompts
He knew that he was home when her lips touched his.
Writing Prompt-Their hands met reaching for the same book-June 2016-Romance Prompts
Their hands met, reaching for the same book.
Writing Prompt-They had both completely given up on love until they met each other-June 2016-Romance Prompts
They had both completely given up on love, until they met each other.
Writing Prompt-With interlocked fingers they were ready to take on the world-June 2016-Romance Prompts
With interlocked fingers, they were ready to take on the world.
Writing Prompt-With one look in his eyes she told herself This is going to hurt when its over-June 2016-Romance Prompts
With one look in his eyes, she told herself, “This is going to hurt when it’s over.”

We now have a flash fiction that was sparked from one of these prompts!

If you’re looking for more writing prompts, look no further. We enjoy reading any of your stories that were inspired by these or any other prompts from our site! Share them in the comments, by email, or any of our social media accounts.

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Team Work: The Book Chapter Nine

Team Work: The Book Chapter Nine

Team Work follows immediately after Survivor Part 8

“Shya, no!” Reis’s scream brought an abrupt end to the elation Shain had been feeling after saving Aelfric. His sword hung limply in his hand as he stared blankly at the wall his sister fell through.

Shain slowly drug his feet to where he had last seen Shya leaning against the wall of the Maze. He turned to Reis, who had both palms pressed against the wall.

“What happened?” his mother asked with panic in her voice. Although she had been asleep moments before the attack, adrenaline and fear fueled her now.

“A mirror,” Reis blurted, his head hung in defeat. He turned to his brother. “They knew exactly where she was going to sit. They’re watching us.”

Aelfric nodded then surveyed the area. “Stowe likely left a mirror or two behind to track us.” Aelfric shook his head. “To watch Shya.”

“The creatures have been focusing on you just as much, if not more, than her.” Reis stared defiantly at his imposing brother, who remained silent.

“If they meant to capture her all along, then why attack you?” Mira asked without sincere concern for Aelfric.

The reality of the situation struck Shain. Everything his heart was capable of feeling hit him like a massive wave. He was suffocating, fighting for words he was too exhausted to say. “But why? Why is she gone AGAIN?! Get her back! I don’t care about the stupid Witch and that book and the priest…,” Shain trailed off in effort to control his overwhelming emotions.

Mira’s tear glazed eyes locked on her son as she rushed to comfort him. Shain buried his face in her cloaked shoulder. “We will baby,” she cooed and snapped her gaze to Aelfric. “We will.”

“I am afraid I do not have all of the answers, lad,” Aelfric sighed helplessly as Mira burned a demanding glare into his avoiding eyes. “Stowe must know something that we do not. If he wanted to prevent the prophecy, he need only to kill Shya. That would be the easy option,” he softened his voice at the harshness of his statement.

“I’m not losing my little girl again,” Mira said.

“We will not be much use to her in our current state. We must get some rest before the next fight.” Aelfric looked at each of them in turn. “The defensive approach ends this night. We will take the fight to them.”

Reis volunteered to stand watch for the remainder of the evening. He easily convinced his brother to regain his strength; It was more valuable to them, and Shya, now more than ever.

A hand gently covered Shain’s mouth; Shain jerked from his sleep. It was still in the middle of the night and the crescent moon offered very little light. Reis was over him with an index finger held up to his own lips. Shain nodded in understanding.

Reis leaned in close and whispered, “Get ready, they’re getting close.” Reis looked around, straining in the dim light.

Shain’s thoughts remained groggy from sleep. He strained to patch together the plan they had formed before his body gave into a dreamless black. He quietly knelt at his pack as Reis faded into the shadows. Opening the pack, Shain made a show of frantically searching for something. The rustling sounds echoed through the silence.

A glimmer of reflective light caught his attention; a mirror appeared to his right. Shain stood quickly and hurled his pack at the mirror. The pack caught the emerging creature in the face. The impact caused it to stumble back into the mirror.

Team Work: The Book Chapter Nine - Holloway's Hideaway - Flash Fiction Series

An arrow caught the creature in the neck with a loud crack. The creature went limp, still half in the mirror. The mirror rippled slightly but remained unchanged. Aelfric was right, the doorway the mirror created would remain open if the creature was still inside.

“Nice throw, lad,” Aelfric said as he led them through the mirror.

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How To Comic: Plan a Get-Together

How To: Plan a Get-Together

As we get older, we all start to go our separate ways to make our place in this world. After a while, we notice our friends and family unintentionally take the back seat. At this point, we try to make plans for a get-together, to hang out, play games, eat dinner, etc. This is when we find there is larger force at work, making this nearly impossible.

How to Comic Plan

Step 1: Set a date. – “Game night?” “Yeah! What time?” “Yay! I’ll make food! “I’ll bring dessert!”

Step 2: Remind guests. –  “I’m so excited about tomorrow!” “Sorry I can’t. Maybe next week…” “Oh no! I completely forgot!” “Hey can we change it to the next day?”

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 for eternity. – “You want to go scare people?” “I can’t, there’s a séance tonight” “It’s someone’s first night in the house…” “And I’m booked at a haunted trail”

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Mystery Writing Prompts: June 2016

Mystery Writing Prompts

Nothing will pull in a reader like a good mystery. This week’s writing prompts provides you with six eerie story starters. Various noises and characters can help set the tone of your mysterious story. And, of course, we didn’t forget the blood. We would love to read your stories inspired by any of these prompts. Share them with us in the comments below or on our social media pages.

Writing Prompt-The new arrival was somehow familiar-June 2016-Mystery Prompts
The new arrival was somehow familiar.
Writing Prompt-For years he has carefully planned out this day-June 20126-Mystery Prompts
For years, he has carefully planned out this day.
Writing Prompt-The sound instantly made them both uncomfortable-June 2016-Mystery Prompts
The sound instantly made them both uncomfortable.
Writing Prompt-She had never before seen that much blood-June 2016-Mystery Prompts
She had never before seen that much blood.
Writing Prompt-His nightmare became a reality when the power was restored-June 2016-Mystery Prompts
His nightmare became a reality when the power was restored.
Writing Prompt- The music stopped at a childs scream-June 2016-Mystery Prompts
The music stopped at a child’s scream.

If mystery isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we also have some horror themed writing prompts and a few fantasy themed prompts as well. Let us know if there are any themes you would like to see featured in a future post!

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Survivor Part 8

Survivor Part 8 is a continuation of Survivor Part 7.

“I can’t believe I finally killed one,” Shain had exclaimed with a wide smile.

“You sure did, lad.” Aelfric placed a hand on Shain’s shoulder. Aelfric rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck until it popped.

The attacks, that appeared to be targeting her and Aelfric specifically, had become so frequent that sleep was nearly impossible. She had never been so tired in her life.

Shya smiled with pride, recalling the event of which her brother was so proud. More than a dozen creatures had appeared the moment the sun dropped below the walls of the Maze. Aelfric’s fireballs proved the most effective, melting the glass-like creatures in a matter of seconds.

One of the creatures had moved in behind the giant wizard. Before it had managed an attack, Shain drove the point of his short sword into the creature’s flank. The creature had twisted to strike back at Shain but its wound fractured. It screamed out, a high pitched wail that rang in Shya’s ears. Shain stabbed it twice more and the shrill muted. The creature had fallen to the ground and shattered into a heap of jagged pieces.

Aelfric melted the remaining two creatures before realizing that Shain had saved him. Aelfric looked from the remains of the creature to the sword in Shain’s hand. He stepped closer to the boy and ruffled his hair. “Thank you, lad. You did well.”

With a smirk, Shya slumped back against the wall and gave into sleep.

Shya’s stomach lept into her throat. She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep but she could not see any source of light.

“Shain?” Shya listened to the silence. “Mom?” Again, nothing. An uneasiness gripped her. She pulled herself to a low crouch, with both feet on solid ground. Her hand slid to the hilt of her sword. The worn leather at her fingertips provided her with some measure of relief.

A distant, dim light flickered on. Then two more on each side. More appeared, following the same pattern. Then again, starting a chain reaction. The lights were getting bigger with each set. No, not bigger. Closer.

In the hazy light, the wall and floor nearest the lights appeared to be smooth and gray. She was in a room, a circular room. The lights were getting closer to her. She figured, by the pattern, that she must be close to a wall. She half crawled, trying to remain low to the floor, until she felt the cold surface of the smooth wall on the palms of her hands.

Shya turned back to the center of the room and drew her sword from its sheath. The room appeared to be well lit now. The room was spacious and bare. Half the room away to her right, Shya noticed a large set of wooden double doors ornately carved.

The Grey Room-Survivor Part 8

“What? No mirrors?” She yelled to the empty room. Her voice echoed back to her. A shiver ran up her spine and she adjusted her grip on the sword held out before her.

The double doors parted inwards with the slow creak of age. Three familiar people appeared from the shadows beyond the doorway. Stowe still had The Book cradled at his side. To his right, was the dark-skinned elderly woman that had spoken to Shya in the cabin full of mirrors. Two steps behind them was a short woman with deep set wrinkles and a slightly hunched back. The cane in her hand did not appear to be supporting her.

Stowe stopped short and motioned at the raised sword. “Tsk-tsk. No need to be hostile.”

Shya slowly lowered the sword but did not return the blade to its sheath.

“Oh, my dear Shya,” Stowe said with a heavy sigh. “Look how you’ve grown.” Stowe smiled without showing teeth. Goosebumps covered her skin and she struggled not to cringe. “We would be honored if you would join us.” The two women turned for the door without saying a word.

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How To Comic : Use Cling Wrap to Seal a Container

How To: Use Cling Wrap to Seal a Container

I hate cling wrap. It’s the devil’s invention used to torment all those who have leftovers. I may be the only one with this problem, I may not. When it comes to using this product, sometimes I contemplate eating all the food that I’m about to store. Or I wonder why I ever used a bowl that has no lid. Or why I even have food leftover. Anyway, it never ends well. Especially when I am forced to pillage the Tupperware cabinet.

How To Comic Cling Wrap

Step 1: Unroll wrap to desired length.

Step 2: Cut wrap using serrated edge on the box. – “This doesn’t even cut!”

Step 3: Place wrap over container. – “&!#/@?$¡/+&!”

Step 4: Meditate for 4 hours.

Step 5: Find a container with a lid.

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